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Uwe Rosler Shows Interest in Toumani Diagouraga

Uwe Rosler may be bringing on another midfielder in Toumani Diagouraga.

Charlie Crowhurst/Getty Images

Defensive midfielder, Toumani Diagouraga, has struck interest in a couple of clubs after a fantastic career with Brentford, especially this past season where he played a vital component to the teams arrival at the Championship semi-finals. His prominent talent has not only struck excitement in Brentford fans, but has also attracted other club managers including Uwe Rosler. Diagouraga was elected Player of the Year by intrigued fans that would be upset to see him transfer.

Originally from Paris, Diagouraga began his career in 2004 with Watford after being scouted by Watford manager at the age of 17. He performed spells at Hereford and Peterborough United before moving on to Brentford in 2010. What began as a 1 year loan, quickly turned into a permanent stay at the program of which he was welcomed by animated fans.

His career at Brentford has an exceptionally career high 163 appearances and 6 goals to show for it. Standing at 6'2", Diagouraga has face minuscule trials in his attempts to dominate every game he performs in.

Rosler was the former coach for Brentford and knows its fans well enough to know that Diagouraga won't be that easy to obtain. Especially with Rangers' boss, Mark Warburton, also showing interest in this 28-year-old defensive midfielder. Brentford's boss, Marinus Dijkhuizen, seems hesitant to let Diagouraga go given his ability to take control of the game at hand and dissect an offense.

It makes perfect sense for Dijkhuizen to want to hold on to Diagouraga and aim to make the Premier League after such a successful last season. If Rosler were to bring on Diagouraga, his defensive presence would definitely act harmoniously with Tom Adeyemi's already skillful tactics.