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Taking A Look At The Newest Members of The Whites

Uwe Rosler is setting the team up for success by bringing in some of the brightest talent in the game. We take a look at the new members of Leeds United

Sol Bamba is just one of the newest additions to the Whites.
Sol Bamba is just one of the newest additions to the Whites.
David Rogers/Getty Images

Lee Erwin- 21-years-old, Forward

The signing of this young striker from Motherwell is a proof that Elland Road is the place for young footballers to grow.\

This young star has shown his ability to score goals like its nothing. When he was in Scottish League One, he netted 8 goals in 11 matches. Combine that with his 4 assists, safe to say that's not bad for a youngster.

His ability to score with both feet is his biggest virtue alongside with his amazing work rate on the pitch. This guy is a true warrior, and a great example of how the future is bright for the Whites.

Chris Wood- 23-years-old, Forward

This tall scoring machine brings experience, goals and youth. He scored 64 goals, while earning 25 assists in 215 games.

He got a taste of the Premier League early in his career, which will be a huge asset for the Whites. Head coach Uwe Rosler must rest well knowing that the ball always seems to find him in the box, and he's fantastic in the air.

A benchmark player on and off the pitch, it's awesome to call Wood a White.

Sol Bamba- 30-years-old, Center-Back

It's a fact that if a team wants success, they must have a solid and experienced core group.

Signing Bamba, who has represented his country (Ivory Coast), almost 50 times and played in four different leagues, brings a wealth of experience to the team.

TIAT reported a few weeks ago of how many have touted this leader to be the next captain of Leeds United. He's explosive on the field, and a solid teammate off the field. He'll look to lead the Whites this upcoming season.

Charlie Horton- 20-years-old, Goalkeeper

Horton is yet to prove himself on a professional level, but has already shown management  that he may be exactly what the Whites are looking for in the future.

He's a very confident goalie, with great physical attributes, and fantastic coordination between the pipes. He is definitely going to shine in a few years, especially considering the fact that he has some true role models on the training grounds.

Ross Turnbull- 30-years-old, Goalkeeper

Talk about goalie competition!

By bringing- in this experiences goalie, the team is getting ready for some serious action between the posts.

He has proven himself as a worthy backup to Petr Cech in Chelsea, and has won a few international trophies while doing so. Uwe Rosler signed a goalie with the UEFA CL medal, making the defence formation looking  pretty interesting this season.

The Bottom Line

Considering those excellent players above, and the players we already have, I expect to only climb up the league standings this season. Uwe Rosler has set this team up for success, with experience in every position, it's safe to say the Whites are looking promising this upcoming season.