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A Global Elland Road: Meet Viktor Eriksson

"A Global Elland Road" is a new feature to TIAT, in which we chat to Leeds United fans from around the world. First in this new series is Viktor Eriksson, a young Swedish supporter based in Stockholm.

"A Global Elland Road" is where we talk with elite fans worldwide.
"A Global Elland Road" is where we talk with elite fans worldwide.
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Without the fans, football is nothing. It is the supporters that make the clubs what they are and that certainly rings true for Leeds United. Since the glory days of the 1970s Leeds fans have popped up in every corner of the globe. I went out and asked a few questions to some of these elite overseas supporters that make Leeds United a truly global club.

Viktor Eriksson isa young Swedish supporter based in Stockholm:

Coming from overseas, when and did you first fall for Leeds United?

When I was young, one of Sweden's biggest TV channels televised one Premier League game every Saturday.

Since my father was a Leeds fan, he always made the Saturdays when Leeds were on something special where we would make bets, eat crisps and he told me about the golden days.

A couple of those Saturdays in combination with an old 70s Leeds scarf and I was hooked.

What has been your favourite moment for you as a Leeds fan?

I was too young to fully understand how big the Champions League adventure was, so I have to say Man Utd 0 - 1 Leeds Utd.

The fantastic goal from Beckford leaving all the scum fans silent and the massive away crowd from Leeds going mental.

I remember watch the game by myself in my dorm room in High School. Just me, a couple of beers and an awfule stream with pixels everywhere. Brilliant memory.

Is there many other Leeds United fans where you live?

Where I grew up (a small town about an hour and a half from Stockholm), there weren't any Leeds fans that I know of except for me and my father. But overall in Sweden there are quite a few.

The Swedish Leeds supporter group usually have a big trip involving around 70-100 people in March/April every year.

Fun fact: One of the most popular football journalists in Sweden, Olof Lundh, is a big Leeds fan.

How has the internet changed the way you follow Leeds?

First of all, Swedish television did/do not show League 1 or Championship that much and the only option where was for me to watch a Leeds game was to find a stream of some sort which, of course, is quite hard to find without the internet. Secondly, without the internet I probably wouldn’t have gotten to know the Leeds fans that I hang out with on my trips to Leeds (Thank you, internet!).

Thirdly, who would know ANYTHING about all that’s happening in Leeds without Twitter and who would know anything about Twitter without the internet?

How often do you travel over to see Leeds play?

Since I ended my college studies and started getting some money, I am trying to attend 2-3 times a season. I will get a good start this season flying over for the first game against Burnley to watch it from the fantastic South Stand.

Favourite Leeds player of all-time?

Who I have seen play: The Chief, Lucas Radebe. What a guy!

All time: Peter Lorimer. My dad's absolute favourite. He always told me stories about him when I was a kid, so it stuck with me.

The look on his face when I took him to Lorimer's pub in Leeds and he got to meet him, amazing.

If you could watch any match live in the club's history, which one would it be?

The Championship promotion game against Bristol Rovers. I love those kind of games. Emotional roller coasters. I would have loved to experience the atmosphere inside Elland Road when Beckford scored that 2-1 goal.

List your all-time Leeds United 11.

I will only pick players that have played during my lifetime.

Nigel Martyn.

Ian Harte

Lucas Radebe

Gary Kelly

Max Gradel

Tomas Brolin (OH YES!)

Lee Bowyer

Sam Byram (I wish)

Tony Yeboah

Mark Viduka

Jermaine Beckford

Thank you to Viktor for taking the time to answer our questions.  If you're interested in telling your Leeds United story and live outside of the UK then get in touch!