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Riot Police Needed as Fans Fight

Police were called into last nights preseason "friendly", after fans began to fight.

Not all the action was on the field.
Not all the action was on the field.
Jan Kruger/Getty Images

Last night was yet another opportunity for Leeds United footballers to show their worth to Uwe Rosler before the upcoming season.

Leeds played Eintracht Frankfurt in Austria and gave fans many things to ponder and takeaway from the game.

Rosler told LUTV: "I think the players were terrific. We got exactly what we hoped."

He went on to say that he is very happy with the rendition from his healthy players that were able to perform.

31-year-old striker, Steve Morison, was responsible for the single goal scored by the Whites. As of now Morison is playing in the place of currently injured Chris Wood, and last night he proved to be a reliable asset.

Although Rosler and some of the other players that chose to speak on the game were content with the outcome, it seems that some of the fans spectating the game were unsettled during it, and soon enough, a fight broke out.

This combative engagement fully sparked after the game when the results were final and the friendly was over.

The Guardian has released footage of fans fighting, and police responding:

The local police were summoned to the scene and urged to break up the violent occurrence and it seems by the police reports that the Frankfurt fans were the aggressors.

So far, the local police department has reported 25 arrests, 17 belonging to Frankfurt fans and 3 belonging to Leeds fans. Though TIAT is not able to confirm that report or any reports of injuries.