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From The Sidelines: Hope And Optimism- Leeds United Injury Update

Leeds have faced trials and tribulations concerning certain players at the start of the preseason.

Luke Murphy (right), is just one of the many players making a comeback from injury.
Luke Murphy (right), is just one of the many players making a comeback from injury.
Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

In a perfect world, there would be no injuries and players would be able to perform purely based off of talent.

However, this is reality and injuries do happen. This unfortunate component of the beautiful game of soccer is inevitable, and Uwe Rosler- head coach of the Whites- is caught in the middle of it all making the hard decisions of who should sit out which games, who should travel with the team, etc.

Players under Rosler are likely to give it all they've got and hopefully overcome any hinderances that could jeopardize the potentially successful upcoming season. Here's the latest on injury reports on current Leeds United footballers.

Tom Adeyemi

Recently signed former Cardiff City midfielder, Tom Adeyemi, expressed injuries pertaining to his ankle. He portrays the injury to be nothing but a little "knock" and seemed as if he would recover in a timely manner.

However, Adeyemi has yet to feature in a single preseason game and has yet to show off his talents for Rosler this year with the Whites.

Adeyemi  told LUTV: "It's been hard work, to be honest, in the heat and with the intense training that the gaffer likes us to do. It's been tough but we're all enjoying it and we're definitely going to be feeling the benefits once the season starts."

It is likely that Adeyemi is at full playing strength once the season starts and he couldn't seem more excited.

Lewis Walters

The 20-year-old forward, Lewis Walters, was victim to a knee injury that inflicted negative results on his 2014-2015 preseason last year. Walters, although seems to be currently doing fine, has told LUTV of fears of being injured again and notes that his main objective is to impress head coach Uwe Rosler by staying fit and progressive: "You always want to try and impress. The main thing for me at the minute is to keep fit and progress that way."

"I just want to get through the season. I don’t want to get injured... I can’t do that again. I’ll get the chance to impress if I stay fit."

Let's hope that Walters can keep healthy and deliver when the time comes.

Ross Turnbull

From Barnsley, Ross Turnbull moved to Leeds United on a two-year contract at the goalkeeping position. As of now, he is playing back-up to starter, Marco Silvestri. He has stated that he is excited to play for the Leeds and aims to fight for the number-one goalkeeping position.

Turnbull has had a successful career with over 60 appearances in the Championship league and almost 200 overall.

However, he does have a history of back related problems that he fears will return. He has even gone as far as to say that he would rip his contract if these back problems return and prevent him from performing his best at the start of the new season.

Regardless of who's starting, I think every Leeds fan would be upset if Turnbull falls victim to a back injury that could sit him out for a couple of games.

Chris Wood

23-year-old striker, Chris Wood, just signed with the Leeds this summer.

He has played exceptionally throughout practices and training and many Leeds fans were excited to hear of Wood's move from Leicester City. However, during the warm-up for the York City pre-season friendly, Wood suffered an injury to the hamstring that seemed pretty serious at the time.

Head coach Uwe Rosler doesn't seem too worried about the injury.

Rosler told the YEP: "He won’t start tomorrow and he will build up for the game on Saturday. If everything goes normal then he will start on Saturday".

This is good news for the Leeds and many fans are anticipating a strong return on Saturday for the Hoffenheim friendly.

Luke Murphy

26-year-old midfielder, Luke Murphy, signed a 4 year deal with the Whites and was expected to perform magnificently during the pre-season. However, during the first week of training, Murphy fell victim to a knee injury of which required surgery.

This news shocked many fans and Murphy was expected to be sat out for the start of the regular season. But just two weeks after surgery, he is already lightly training with the team.