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Report: Steve Morison and Nicky Ajose On The Market, Billy Sharp To Sheffield

Sharp, Ajose, and Morison have all reportedly been put on the market. Sharp may be heading to Sheffield

Uwe Rosler is quickly making the Whites "his team".
Uwe Rosler is quickly making the Whites "his team".
David Rogers/Getty Images

A report from the YEP suggests that Leeds have made Nicky Ajose, Steve Morison, and Billy Sharp all available for transfer this summer.

Uwe Rosler has been busy this offseason creating "his team".  The likes of Sol Bamba, Tom Adeyemi, Ross Turnball, Lee Erwin, and Chris Wood have all been brought in to Elland road under Rosler's leadership.

While all the additions will make huge impacts to the team, they do come at a price. And that price is having to lose some players. The YEP is reporting that the three strikers mentioned above have all been made available for sale.

HITC is reporting that Millwall and Sheffield United both have interest in re-signing Morison and Sharp.

Ajose and Sharp both made their debuts to Elland Road last summer, coming from Peterborough and Southhampton respectively. Morison came from Norwich back in 2013.

Ajose didn't make any impact on the team last season, so it doesn't come as a surprise that he is in danger of moving. Sharp only scored five goals in 28 games, and wasn't a regular on Leeds side throughout the year.

Morison on the other hand, played very frequently last season, and was featured during this years preseason. He plays with heart and grit during the game. It seems that even though many have claimed that he has a part to play at Elland Road, it won't be under Uwe Rosler.

Sharp to Sheffield United:

Numerous outlets are reporting that a deal has been struck between Leeds and Sheffield United for Billy Sharp. While TIAT is not able to confirm its authenticity, it would be big news, and sources are saying they'll be an announcement later in the week.

But what's more is that Sharp is apparently not signing off on the deal, until he receives a payoff from Leeds.

More details to follow.