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Adam Drury Will Not Travel With Whites On European Tour

Adam Drury might not be signing with the Whites.

Adam Drury will not travel with the team to Austria.
Adam Drury will not travel with the team to Austria.
David Rogers/Getty Images

Adam Drury, former Manchester winger, may have missed out on signing with the Whites.

Performing on a trial period with the Leeds, Drury has shown promising talent to be added to the team, according to Uwe Rosler. However, Drury will not be in Austria with the rest of the team and has expressed that he would be staying home to spend time with his family instead.

Uwe Rosler has not only stated that he is looking for more signees, but he is also in dire need of a winger to replace the slot that Drury would have.

Fans have shown mixed feelings about the occurrence and most have been negative. Because of the talent Drury could provide, fans and others have taken to Twitter to express their confusion.

Drury began his professional career with Manchester City in 2011, but was yet to make an appearance until his loan period with Burton Albion during the 2012-2013 season. Adam Drury then signed a loan deal with St. Mirren where he made 16 appearances and scored 3 goals. From there is when he dove into the trial period with the Leeds and gained credibility throughout the summer.

It's going to be interesting to see what is next for Adam Drury.