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Ross Turnbull Ready To Be A White

Former Barnsley goalkeeper, Ross Turnbull, signs with Leeds United on a 2 year contract as a free transfer.

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Ross Turnbull, former Barnsley goalkeeper, just recently signed a 2 year contract to play for Leeds United. Speaking to LUTV , Turnbull expressed his excitement to play for the Whites: "It was just a phone call really and once I knew the interest I was desperate to come here."

Turnbull is not only stoked to start playing for the Whites, but he is also determined to earn the number one goalkeeping position on the team: "I’ve come here to challenge Marco [Silvestri]. He’s a top keeper so I’ve got to challenge him and support him."

Born in England, Turnbull started with his first professional team in 2002 signing with Middlesborough F.C. He played at Middlesborough until 2007 where he was signed off to Cardiff City on a season-long loan. He was benched on Cardiff's team until he was called back by Middlesborough until 2009. Here is when he signed his 4 year contract with Chelsea where he played until he would move onto the Doncaster Rovers in 2013.

After a year at Doncaster, Turnbull then signed a 2 year contract with Barnsley in 2014. Turnbull made 27 appearances on Barnsley, however, mid-way through the season, Turnbull surfered a back injury which put him in a position of having to battle for his goalkeeping spot.

Barnsley eventually agreed on a free transfer of Turnbull to Leeds United on a two year contract where he would be expected to perform well. We don't yet know how he'll perform, but we do know he'll proudly be wearing the Whites jersey.