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Report: Uwe Rosler Happy With His Team, But Ready to Add Depth

Uwe Rosler is happy with the team he has, but is open to new players.

Rosler is truly making Leeds United "his team"
Rosler is truly making Leeds United "his team"
Gareth Copley/Getty Images

Uwe Rosler has only been at the helm for one game at Elland Road, but from the outside-looking-in, it would look like the head coach has been with the team for a long time. The players seem to enjoy being coached by Rosler, and the coach seems to like the way the players are performing.

"Watching the team last season and with the way I'd like to play, I knew I needed to put in a lot of hours on the training field to get the players understanding the roles, the responsibilities, the way we have to play.

"This is why I didn't want to overload the summer in terms of games.

"We can get the players match fit between the training and the games," Rosler told the YEP.

Rosler elected to play two teams during both halfs, something it's expected he will continue to do during Wednesday nights game vs York City. The team will play three English teams in the coming weeks, as well as two foreign teams.

"I'm happy that we're having three English teams to play against and also two foreign sides," Rosler said. "I want to expose us to top opposition where we're made to run a lot. Then we'll know where we are physically.

"The players here are very talented on the ball but collectively we have to show improvement against the ball, with our pressing and our organisation.

"The players need to show how they cope against top opposition so the games we've arranged are good for us."

At the forefront of Rosler's priorities is goal-scoring, as evident by the signing of Chris Wood.

The coach is optimistic by the teams performance during last weeks 1-1 tie vs Harrogate Town.

From the sounds of it, the coach is prepared to bring in new players to further the depth of the team, but not if it means sacrificing the chemistry and skill of the current team.

"We don't want to bring someone in for the sake of it when it turns out that we have good players here.

"Everybody has a chance to impress.

"I'm looking forward to getting more into the games.

"By the end of pre-season I'll know a little bit more about everything.

"The transfer window is open to the end of August so there's room for us to do something when we want to do it or need to do it.

"I'm not stressed, not rushing.

"I'm not in a rush to get anybody out and I'm not in a rush to get massively a lot of players in.

"Of course I have ideas about how I would like to play and my ideas need a certain style of player, that is clear.

"But I'm very happy with the input I have."