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RECAP: Whites Tie Harrogate 1-1 In a Preseason Friendly

Whites tie Harrogate in a 1-1 tie during a preseason friendly. It's a promising start for the club.

Leeds United started the preseason off with a 1-1 tie.
Leeds United started the preseason off with a 1-1 tie.
Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

Leeds United began their preseason with a 1-1 tie against Harrogate Town. Uwe Rosler- at the helm for the first time this season- chose to have different sides for both halves.

The lineups from the teams official website:

Harrogate team: Crook, Ellis, McGurk, Pell, Colbeck, Nyoni, Thirlwell, Turner, Daniels, Clayton, Thewlis. Subs. Bloomer, Coates, Cadman, Worral, Bower, Emmett, Speight, Hunter, Johnson.

United team (first half): Silvestri, Byram, Wootton, Bellusci, Cooper, Phillips, Mowatt, Ajose, Antenucci, Erwin, Wood.

United team (second half): Silvestri (Horton 74), Berardi, Bamba, Killock, Taylor, Sloth, Bianchi, Cook, Doukara, Morison, Sharp.

United subs: Horton, Walters, Drury, Coyle.

Harrogate made an impression early in the game, with fantastic scoring chances coming from Cecil Nyoni, and a free kick by Joe Colbeck.

But Leeds responded back.

Liam Cooper had a fantastic header, only to be held by Peter Crook. Chris Wood asserted his dominance with a great run, only to have his shot end up in the side-netting.

Marco Silvestri was busy in the net tonight. A great example of his stellar performance tonight, is when Jordan Thewlis managed to sneak around the defense, only to have Silvestri attempt a low blow at his near post, and succeed.

Harrogate would get on the board first, when in the 32nd minute, after a free-kick, the ball ended up in very close proximity to Cecil Nyoni, who managed to kick er' right into the net with ease.

Peter Crook kept on denying any chances of the visitors scoring during the first half, it was looking like Leeds might start the preseason off with a loss.

But things appeared to change during halftime. Uwe Rosler chose to only keep Silvestri in his original place for the second half, everyone else was replaced. Starting in the 4-3-3- formation, it seemed that something just clicked.

Within four minutes, Steve Morison would meet Souleymane Doukara's awesome cross from the right, and headed it perfectly to make it 1-1.

Both teams generated some fantastic scoring opportunities, but Crook and Silvestri would make sure nothing else got by them. It seemed as though Leeds had a slight edge during the second half, but that didn't matter, because the game ended in a 1-1 tie.

It was a promising start for a club looking to get promotion to the Premier League.