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In other news - quick round up of Leeds United news

A really quick round-up or two recent Leeds United stories that have hit the headlines

Clean linen aired in LS11
Clean linen aired in LS11
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After Giuseppe Bellusci was charged with racially-aggravated abuse of Cameron Jerome, during Leeds' draw with the Norfolk side. He was formally cleared of the charge on February 6th and further details have emerged as to the manner of the acquittal. It appears that Bellusci benefitted from the "consistent evidence" put forward by the Italian defender as to his innocence. Whilst Jerome contended he'd been called a "negro", Bellusci maintained all along that this wasn't the case. Instead, he contended that he'd actually said "ti faccio un'occhio nero, pezzo di merda" which translates to "I will give you a black eye you piece of shit," which whilst unpleasant isn't exactly racist.

The commision disputed Jerome's version alleging the repeated use of the word "negro" stating that the striker's "understanding of Italian was much more shaky and incomplete than the sense conveyed [by his initial reporting of it] to the match officials." Where there is obvious consistency in Bellusci's attestations, the converse must be true that Jerome's evidence must have had inconsistencies, you can't have one without the other. The FA commision, barrister and chairman Craig Moore and FA representatives Keith Allen and Peter Clayton, concluded in the report that "Mr Jerome's evidence has been inconsistent in certain material respects which inevitably have an adverse effect on the reliability of his evidence as a whole."

It seems that if you are going to tell a story then you need to make sure that it's the full version and not of the abridged jigsaw variety.

A different version of 'Dirty Leeds'

Leeds United's former technical director, Gwyn Williams, has lost his appeal against his dismissal for 'gross misconduct' which was summarily received after he sent an email containing images of naked women in the shower. Williams' claim in the High Court also had a claim for damages of £250,000 attached to it. Mr Williams' defence was that the email, sent to Dennis Wise and club receptionist Carol Lamb, was sent in the spirit of a "dirty Leeds" sentiment, a throwback to the phrase associated with the team from the 1970s when they were renowned for their heavy tackles. The judge, Mr Justice Lewis, said he did not believe Gwynn Williams' explanation that the sending of the emails was in a 'joke' manner who he [Williams] claimed would "have a giggle about them."

Mr Justice Lewis was of the opinion that singling out a junior female member of the club's employ was beyond the compass of it being a 'club joke' and he also drew attention to the pornographic nature of the attachments stating that not only were the women showering but that there was clearly seen "female genitalia" along with "breasts" and scenes of "simulated sexual activity". But the intrigue doesn't stop there, there's more to this story.

it seems that the club had already decided to terminate Gwyn Williams' contract on 23rd July 2013 and with the intention of not paying him the mandatory three months redundancy pay. The only way they could effect this state of affairs was by proving actions amounting to 'gross misconduct', which the sending of the email surmounted to. However, the email Williams sent was actually sent in March 2008 and had only been unearthed after the club employed forensic investigators tasked with finding evidence pertaining to 'gross misconduct'.

Mr Jutice Lewis concluded that it seemed clear to him that the club had decided to terminate Gwyn Williams' contract, effective of 23rd July 2013, and had no intention of paying any redundancy notice salary in lieu. He also surmised that the club was looking for reasons to actively dismiss him on grounds of gross misconduct and as shortly as possible after giving him [Williams] notice. In any event, the forensic investigation of Williams' emails uncovered to March 2008 email and the club had their reasons for dismissal for gross misconduct which they put forward in a "letter dated 24 July 2013 making disciplinary allegations" against Williams. All this was despite no complaints being received by those who the email was addressed to.

Underhand and devious at Leeds? Never!