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Leeds United: Another Draw that Should Have Been a Win

Leeds United dominated the match against Nottingham Forest but were undone by poor finishing and a massive first half mistake that would see the Whites draw Forest 1-1.

A dominating performance, a single point when it could've been three.
A dominating performance, a single point when it could've been three.
Matthew Lewis/Getty Images

Leeds United supporters were left wondering what could have been following the Whites 1-1 draw at Nottingham Forest. Leeds dominated in possession for most of the match, and for a long time in the first half looked set to take victory at the City Ground.

Whites defender Scott Wootton shared much of the supporters sentiment, believing that Leeds should have "100 percent" won the match.

"I think we controlled the game from start to finish, if I’m honest. They caught us a couple of times on the counter, especially towards the end when they hit the post, but they were always going to when we were so dominant.

It was definitely two points dropped. We need to improve, especially in the final third, where we need a bit more cutting edge."

Leeds United were in control for much of the match. Dominating in possession and scoring chances during the first half, the Whites saw an error by centre-back Giuseppe Bellusci and goalkeeper Marco Silvestri allow Nélson Oliveira the opportunity at an empty net, and the forward did not miss.

The Forest goal would hold up through the completion of the first half and through the opening 35-minutes of the second half. Continuing to push forward, and leading in possession at times 70:30, Leeds United would finally tie the score at one off a fantastic strike from Sam Byram.

Though the final ten minutes would not see another goal scored, it would be full of opportunities for both sides, with the best going to Nottingham Forest late on in the match. Getting the ball into the box, Jamie Ward's blocked shot would fall right to the foot of Oliver Burke whose right footed effort rang off the post before heading out of play.

All in all, while the single point may look fine on paper for the Whites, it is disappointing not to see three points for Leeds United after they played in such a dominating style for most of the match. If the Whites are to truly press up the table in the campaign's second half, they cannot afford any more matches where a draw should have been a win.