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Impending Transfer Window Shake-ups at Elland Road

Returns, exchanges, and the unclaimed items on the Leeds United holiday wish list...

Harry Engels/Getty Images


The handful of days between Christmas and New Year's.

There is no better time to pour a cup of warm joe, take a seat in your favorite recliner, and reflect...on how you can possibly exchange that god awful sweater Aunt Carol gave you for something more useful. Perhaps a 60" Samsung UHDTV? I mean, it really would brighten the room. Not to mention the healthy side effects of not having to squint to make out the difference between the line official and post.

While the holidays appeared to be kind to the Yorkshire club with two in the bag from the Wolves and Preston and a draw with Nottingham Forest, there still might be some items left on the wish list.

So, let's move past the fact ole Saint Nick dropped the ball and forgot a new owner (I swear it might be under a seat cushion in the back, I know that's where my kid loses stuff all the time) and focus on what Leeds may have in mind heading into 2016.



My kingdom for strikers. Yeah, this is a no-brainer but this is Leeds we are talking about. Our Kiwi in-residence Chris Wood is doing his part, but can only be expected to carry so much of the burden when guys like Souleymane Doukara and Lee Erwin think the only way to access the net is with an iPad. Until a true replacement is picked up from the loss of Ross McCormack last season to Fulham, this area could continue to haunt The Whites.


This issue falls under two headings in the Leeds' wish list. In the immediate, the club needs to throw some cash out there to pick up the pieces needed to turn things around. However, it appears that this season will conclude with Leeds seeing neither relegation or promotion which gives birth to the question: "What is the point?".

Stuart Dallas arrived from Brentford with a £1.5 million price tag over the summer. That was the only "major" addition The Whites have seen. Does owner Massimo Cellino plan to drop more cash at this time when talks of selling the club are rumored to be moving forward? It seems highly unlikely this late in the season when a major impact cannot be achieved.

I would look for the front office to possibly explore some loan options, if anything, to help plug any holes in the meantime.


Happy Trails

It is inevitable that Sam Byram is on the way out, right? With his contract ending this summer, the question is probably if Leeds can cash in on his departure.

Many sources are pointing to Byram staying on until the end of his contract before heading off to a Premier League club, leaving Leeds under a free transfer. If this is the case, does Leeds bite the bullet and try to work a move with Byram to get a little bit of something rather than a whole lot of nothing?

That little bit of something could help them since it is clear the club is still wanting for something even more than a striker...


Notice how everything revolves around this one topic with Leeds?

It comes down to what the ownership is willing to invest when rumors and sources are flying that they are looking to sell. If rumors are true, then why would they invest more money into what would already be considered a "fixer upper" by the newest owner? It just doesn't make sense.

Then again, this is Leeds United.

If the club still finds itself in the hands of the current ownership in the offseason, then I would expect a final push to "shine her up" and get serious talks for purchase next season. That would mean holding off any current transfer window big moves until the offseason and hope to at least make some necessary changes to get the club closer to the top of the table to wet the appetites of potential buyers.


It seems as if this cruel game has continued on for way to long in West Yorkshire.

"We just need the right owners."

"We just need the right players."

"We just need to rob a bank."

Maybe it's about time we just got the jolly fat man in red involved this offseason. Seeing Leeds United return to its former glory? Now THAT would be a Christmas miracle.