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Parkin Hints Vision for Leeds United and Yorkshire

Parkin states the obvious, wants Leeds United in England's top flight, and hints at maybe taking a hand in it as well.

Photograph: Christopher Thomond/Christopher Thomond / Guardian

Steve Parkin, the Business Leader of the Year recipient at the Variety Yorkshire Business Awards, is being linked once again to the takeover of Leeds United and has no issue with it being known.

"Whenever Leeds United’s ownership comes into question Steve Parkin’s name is mentioned," Parkin divulged while receiving his award.

The impact that Leeds has on the local economy did not go unaddressed in conversation with Parkin either.

"I’m a massive fan of Leeds United. But I think as a city we need Leeds United as a Premiership football club."

He's not wrong, a Premiership team in Leeds again would have a huge impact on the Yorkshire economy.  In no small words, Parkin has set the bar high for any potential takeover with visions of Premier League dancing in fans’ heads.