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Marching On at Through It All Together

A rough season on the field and at the blog, but we're still marching on, together.

We feel ya, Mirco.
We feel ya, Mirco.
Nigel Roddis/Getty Images

At the beginning of the 2015-16 campaign, no one here at Through It All Together imagined Leeds would be sitting in 17th place in the Championship in December.  No one imagined the hot mess ownership would find itself in (...yet again... okay, maybe we did imagine that could happen).  No one imagined that, as a staff, we'd take a few weeks off either.  But here we are.

So of those three things, we can control only one.  We'll be rebooting the site this weekend, with new staff members (like me!) joining the squad, returning staff members writing more regularly, new features that some of you will love (and others will probably despise), and a more frequent use of social media.  We're launching @thruitallLIVE on Twitter for live tweets of Leeds games, and we hope to have weekly game threads and recaps, just like the other great SB Nation sites.

This fanbase has obviously been through a lot ("it all together" you might say), remaining hopeful for the future.  Thanks for sticking with us here at TIAT, we're looking forward to bringing you great content in the weeks/months to come. Marching on, together.