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Sol Bamba Urges Not To Panic As Leeds Underperform

Sol Bamba claims that everyone must stay positive and tough in the head.

The captain is rallying his troops.
The captain is rallying his troops.
Richard Sellers/Getty Images

Well, at this point we can all agree that the expectancies were a little bit different from the season so far. The team looks exhausted and lacks the will to challenge the opposition to say the least.

But, as always, there are glimpses of hope in some of the guys. Yep, you guessed it, Sol Bamba is one of them.

Despite his Gerrardesque slip with Middlesborough, Souleymane remains one of the most reliable defenders in the squad since ages.

And now, as a true captain should, Sol is saying all the right things in his interview after the Saturdays game with Birmingham. Hear ye, hear ye:

"We can’t panic," Bamba said after the game. "That’s the message. We have to stay positive.

"I know it’s difficult but we have to stay positive and not show any panic. "I understand the worries everyone will have because we’re not winning home games but we can put this right.

"We know the expectation of the club. We have to be tough in the head and be men.

"I don’t think it’s about nerves or pressure. I just think we need to perform. After one home win things will change. It is all about getting that first one.

"The home record is annoying. We need to address it very quickly. If you want to do anything in this league, you need to be strong at home.

"I’m told it’s seven months since we last won at home and that’s huge.

"But I don’t go too high when it’s good or too low when it’s bad. We just need to keep working hard. I’m sure that win will come."

What I really like about this short interview is the last line. Keeping cool is very important in sports, as there will always be good times and not-so-good times. What matters the most is keeping your emotions in check and don't get carried away too much.

All in all, I stand on the same side as Sol, big part of the problem at this point is psychological. The lads just need to focus, and maybe count on a little bit of luck to end their home record and get things back on track.

But while we are at it... Can we also focus on upgrading our away record? You know, get the whole package Sol, why settle down?