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Interview With An Away Fan - Birmingham City

Thomas Hill spoke to Kevin Ball of Birmingham City site Joys and Sorrows.

Stu Forster/Getty Images

In a dramatic turnaround you are now 12th in the table, where can you finish this season?

Good question. I guess at halfway through the season we are 7 points behind 6th and 11 from 3rd from bottom, we are looking up rather than down. I think it is ambitious to think about the play offs. Mid table safety is my guess.

Gary Rowett has worked wonders since he made the step up from Burton, can he lead you to the Premier League and what's he brought to the club?

Wow, Premier League? Not thinking about that yet lol. In the future? Yeah why not. GR has bought belief, solidity and passion within the side. The most important thing is that he is playing players in the right position now. (Unlike the previous manager, as nice a bloke he was!)

Which of your players do we need to look out for and why?

Shinnie, Gray and Donaldson for sure - but Cotterill has been a revelation this year.

What system will you be playing for the game?

The formation we play is a fluid 4-5-1 in a sort of 4-2-3-1 formation, whatever happened to 4-4-2.

if you could sign any Leeds player who would it be?

I genuinely don't know mate. The position you are in, I'm not sure I would want any.

What do you think our strengths and weaknesses are and what are yours.

Your strength is that you are at home. Elland Road has always been one of those places that is a tough place to go to. However you seem to be struggling at the moment. Your goal difference is worse than ours and that includes the 8-0 defeat v Bournemouth and 4-0 v Derby we had. So I guess your defense must be an issue. Our attack have been playing well, could be interesting. Oh and of course we have a certain Nikola Zigic back. (Remember him???)

Three to get promoted, three to go down?

Promoted Derby, Bournemouth (never thought I'd say that!) and Boro.

Relegated. Definitely Blackpool, I'm amazed Wigan are there, but they are definitely struggling I think Rotherham will run out of steam. (What are Leeds doing down there???)

First scorer today?

I think we may score first. I'll go for Cotterill.

And the result?

I think it'll be a draw, despite your recent frailties. I'll go 1-1.

A big thanks to Kev for doing this, you can visit his site here.