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Leeds United feel Sharp end of Ipswich interest in striker

With Leeds United seemingly in freefall towards relegation placings, the football vultures are circling the club. 3rd-placed Ipswich Town are the latest to allegedly take a peck with 2-goal striker Billy Sharp the reported interest.

Paul Thomas/Getty Images

It doesn't take long, it doesn't take long at all. Once you are on your uppers and your backside is hanging out of your threadbare trousers, then in come the mercenaries to take advantage of a less than fortunate position.

The circling vultures of late are the Tractor Boys from Suffolk, 3rd-placed Ipswich Town who have shown an interest in taking Leeds striker Billy Sharp allegedly on a loan deal until the end of the season.

Sharp is six months into a two-year deal at Eland Road after Leeds paid a figure in the region of around £600,000 to pay up his contract at Southampton and he [Sharp] signed in August 2014, scoring  a debut goal against Middlesbrough.

On the back of Stephen Warnock's transfer to Derby, it seems that the teams in the upper reaches of the Championship just can't get enough of Leeds United's players. Leeds United's fans are understandably not best pleased about this turn of events which really brings up a question of how much belief and faith the management have if they sanction yet another deal taking away a player from Leeds United and allowing them to help a Championship rival.

Some fans views

As with all rumours, this is one to be believed when more concrete news filters through.