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Leeds United Transfer Rumours: Whites looking towards a Cani loan deal

As Leeds United continue to look away from the bottom of the Championship relegation battle, names continue to be linked with a move to Elland Road. The latest of these is Edgar Cani.

Maurizio Lagana/Getty Images

Norman Wisdom, for a small chap, is big in Albania. Another thing from Albania that is 'big' is Edgar Cani who is 6' 4".

"Edgar who?" I can hear the questions echoing as I type.

Edgar Cani is an Albanian striker who plays for Catania in Italy, playing in Serie B for the current campaign. Cani has only scored 39 goals in 182 games so hardly would come in as the prolific striker Leeds need to fire them away from the clinging mud of relegation. In fact, since typing the above sentence Leeds United fans are showing their displeasure with barbed comments on Twitter and one wag already amending Cani's Wikipedia page in apparent criticism.

Whilst the sarcasm is apparent, it isn't misplaced. It seems that Leeds' total business is operated on a 'loan from Italian Serie B' basis but can you blame Cellino and Salerno. As the saying goes, "it's better the Devil you know than the Devil you don't." With this in mind, are Leeds placing their faith in devilish rescues because, if they are, then I'm unconvinced that Edgar would be a Cani signing; he's definitely not the daemon we need in front of goal.

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