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Sport Capital revealed as investing consortium

Sport Capital have been revealed as the consortium buying a majority stake in Leeds United and pledged to provide transfer funds during the January transfer window.

Nigel Roddis

Sport Capital is on the verge of acquiring a minimum 75% stake in Leeds United and the four-man consortium counts among its number the club's current managing director David Haigh and Andrew Flowers, the managing director of the club's main sponsor Enterprise Insurance and a lifelong Leeds fan.

Football League approval is the sole remaining obstacle to completion of the takeover.

In a statement on the club's official website, Andrew Flowers said: "I'm delighted to confirm that I am part of the consortium that will be acquiring the major shareholding in the club.

"As a lifelong Leeds United fan and as a businessman, I can assure other fans, that while the process is being finalised, we have been working hard to ensure that our due diligence was completed as quickly as possible and that there are funds in place ahead of completion to support the manager during the opening weeks of the January transfer window."

It has been made clear that while the consortium are still working to a conclusion, the transition will not affect Leeds' business in the January transfer window, as Sport Capital have been, and will continue to, fund the club throughout the transactional period and have invested a total of £6 million over the past three months.

David Haigh said: “Completion is something we have been working very hard to achieve. We’re now past the holiday periods of Christmas and New Year and we’re looking forward to completing shortly. We are working closely with the Football League regarding the necessary documentation, and we will do our best to keep fans fully informed.

“In the meantime, as Andrew has said, we have ensured that there are funds in place for the January transfer window and we are working closely with Brian McDermott regarding his plans. Hopefully, we will all see some of this work come to fruition in the coming days."

United's manager Brian McDermott has been given assurances that funds will be made available for him to go after his targets and make the additions he feels he needs, such as Cameron Stewart, the Hull City winger who has been on-loan at Charlton Athletic.