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Boardroom changes at United

GFH capital have announced that Shaun Harvey has stepped down from his role as CEO and that Salah Nooruddin has been appointed as Chairman and David Haigh as Managing Director.

Matthew Lewis

GFH Capital, majority shareholders in Leeds United FC, have implemented major changes in the club's boardroom structure with Shaun Harvey stepping down from his role as Chief Executive and the appointment of Salah Nooruddin as Chairman and the Deputy CEO of GFH Capital, David Haigh, as Managing Director.

New Chairman Nooruddin, who bought 10% of GFH Capital's 100% stake in Leeds in March, moves up from vice-chairman and David Haigh's new role as Managing Director will see him take responsibility for the day-to-day running of the club.

Bahrain-based businessman Nooruddin told "We are pleased to welcome David Haigh to his new role.

"He and I will continue to work with the rest of the board, the management team, Brian McDermott and his team to build the foundations on and off the pitch of a successful future for Leeds United.

"At the same time we extend our thanks to Shaun for his services to the club over the past nine years, Shaun will remain as a director of the club to offer us his considerable footballing experience.

"He has always given strong leadership to the football club in what have been often been challenging times."

Haigh, born and raised in Cornwall but a self-proclaimed long-time Leeds supporter, said: "I look forward to my new role and continuing to work with everyone at the club to help create, with the support of the owners, the long term and sustainable success which Leeds United's great past merits.

"We are at a time in the development of the club when we have to balance immediate ambition against our long term strategy for success.

"We have an excellent manager in Brian McDermott and I'm confident that by working as a team we can achieve our aims."