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Warnock Departs Elland Road

After another torrid performance, Leeds United have finally announced they have parted company with manager Neil Warnock. With six games to go there's no reason to keep him in charge and the fans have had enough.

Matthew Lewis

The writing was on the wall as far as I was concerned as I left Elland Road after watching us slump to defeat against Derby.

A winning position thrown away again by terrible tactics and a lack of general football knowledge. Who's fault was it? Not Neil's as he blamed the officials and couldn't fault the players who have churned out terrible performances on a far too regular basis.

After a long delay to his usual press meetings, rumours were rife that Neil had gone - instead he suggested walking away after giving up hope on his terrible chance at an eighth promotion.

The club's official statement can be read here.

It's another frustrating season for us who pay week-in week-out. We set the standard high and got in a manager with pedigree. As mad as it sounds this isn't all his fault - the longest takeover in history hasn't helped and as a result we were left behind and without any real quality.

On the other hand, Warnock's reluctance to blame himself has only added to his downfall. No matter how bad we played, his lack of subs it was always someone else's fault.

Time to move on, after another terrible season.