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Blackpool vs Leeds United: Stat Preview

Andrew Dalton previews our Boxing Day clash against Blackpool.

Ross Kinnaird

Season greetings one and all :)

Trip to Bloomfield Road later on this evening, for a game televised by Sky Sports! Here are some festive stats!

This will be our third trip to Blackpool in the space of three seasons and let's hope this one does not go the same way as the previous trip. In season 11-12, with our season all but over, we finally sundered in a 1-0 defeat, to make matters worse, Darren O Dea saw red! Only a few months later, in our first away game of the season, we were again defeated , however this time Tom Lees opened the scoring from a Ross McCormack corner, it wasn't to be enough though as two Blackpool goals late in the second half, made it a fruitless trip to the Seaside!

So how have we done on Boxing Day down the years?? If you are of a nervous disposition, I suggest you look away now! Since relegation from the Premiership in 2004, we have only won three times on Boxing Day!

Season 04-05 Sunderland 2-3 Leeds - Lennon, Deane, Joachim
Season 05-06 Leeds 3-1 Coventry 1 Douglas, Blake, Cresswell
Season 06-07 Sunderland 2-0 Leeds, Beckford and Kandol partnered each other up front for the first time!
Season 07-08 Hartlepool 1-1 Leeds Beckford
Season 08-09 Leeds 1-1 Leicester Snodgrass - Simon Graysons first game in charge!
Season 09-10 Leeds 3-1 Hartlepool Beckford 2, Becchio
Season 10-11 Leicester 2-2 Leeds Gradel, Snodgrass
Season 11-12 Derby 1-0 Leeds Standard defeat at Derby
Season 12-13 Nottingham Forest 4-2 Leeds, Green, Somma

Prior to Relegation from 92-93 - 03-04

Season 92-93 Blackburn 3-1 Leeds McAllister
Season 93-94 NO GAME boxing day
Season 94-95 Leeds 0-0 Newcastle
Season 95-96 NO GAME boxing day
Season 96-97 Leeds 1-3 Coventry Deane
Season 97-98 Liverpool 3-1 Leeds Haaland
Season 98-99 Newcastle 0-3 Leeds Kewell, Bowyer, Hasselbaink
Season 99-00 Leeds 2-1 Leicester Bridges, Bowyer
Season 00-01 Newcastle 2-1 Leeds Dacourt
Season 01-02 Bolton 0-3 Leeds Fowler 3
Season 02-03 Sunderland 1-2 Leeds Milner, Fowler (P)
Season 03-04 Leeds 0-0 Aston Villa

Amazingly we have only been awarded three penalties on Boxing day since 1992. Two have been missed Gary Kelly v Coventry in 96/97 and Robbie Fowler at Bolton in 2001 and one has been scored also by Robbie Fowler a year later at Sunderland!

Touch wood no Leeds player has been sent off on Boxing Day from 1992 onwards! That means they'll be a red card today!

And finally from me we have won three times on Boxing Day when going behind first! Hartlepool in 2009, Sunderland in 2002 and Leicester in 1999!

Safe trip to all those that are going and Ill be back for Nottingham Forest on Sunday :)