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GFH near deal with new investors

GFH Capital a nearing a deal with an English consortium which would involve "significant investment" in Leeds United.

Brian McDermott could have "significant" funds to use in January
Brian McDermott could have "significant" funds to use in January
Charlie Crowhurst

Many months of negotiations between managing director David Haigh's team and an English consortium have reached a deal regarding potential investment in Leeds United.

The deal will be in place by the end of next month, just in time for the January transfer window, and is still subject to Football League approval and the only information made public about this consortium is that while they include "a number of high profile businessmen" they don't include any previous owners or players.

The post on said: "The two parties have signed a share acquisition agreement for the purchase of shares in the club with GFH retaining a significant stake.

"The consortium includes a number of high-profile businessmen, and does not include any previous owners or players of the club.

"It is anticipated that the investment will be in place for the January transfer window and will see existing chairman Salah Nooruddin and managing director David Haigh remain at the club for the long term.

"The announcement is the culmination of many months of negotiations by a team led by David Haigh."

Hopefully this isn't just empty publicity by Haigh and GFH and it's some real money. As much as £5 million in time for January could see McDermott bring in the needed signings, maybe the return of Luciano Becchio, and see us finish in the play-offs.

We know McDermott can pick out players he knows he can get use out of; both Matt Smith and Dexter Blackstock have had their purposes, even if the latter's is just to spark Ross McCormack into a  much-needed purpler patch.

So if this deal does go ahead in time for the transfer window, who would be on McDermott's wishlist?