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Blackburn Rovers vs Leeds United: Stat Preview

Andrew Dalton previews our game against Blackburn Rovers.

Paul Thomas
So we go into the game over the Pennines looking for out fourth straight league win at this level for the first time since December 05-January 06, when we beat Coventry 3-1 at Elland Road, Stoke 1-0 away on very cold Christmas night, Hull City 2-0 at Elland Road on New Years Eve and finally Plymouth Argyle 3-0 in front of the sky cameras at Home Park, at the start of January 2006!

We have of course had longer winning runs in the Premiership and in League 1!

In Season 98-99 we won 7 consecutive league games from Feb 99 - April 99 in the Premiership
In Season 99-00 we won 6 consecutive league games from Aug 99 - Oct 99 in the Premiership
in Season 00-01 we won 6 consecutive league games from March 01 - April 01 in the Premiership
In Season 07-08 we won our first 7 league games in League One
In Season 09-10 we won our first 6 league games in League One.

Onto Ewood Park and you could say our league record is mixed, since season 92-93 when Blackburn were in the Premier League for the first time!
Season 92-93 Lost 3-1 on Boxing Day (Jason Wilcox destroyed us!)
Season 93-94 Lost 2-1 Live on Sky (That man Shearer!)
Season 94-95 Drew 1-1, (Tim Flowers saw red after 2 mins!)
Season 95-96 Lost 1-0 in our new 3 strip of all Yellow (Sgt Wilko wanted in changing from the Green and Blue Strips!)
Season 96-97 Won 1-0, Wilkos last victory as Leeds boss!
Season 97-98 Won 4-3, live on Sky, All the goals coming in the first half!
Season 98-99 Lost 1-0
Season 01-02 Won 2-1, thanks to a Kewell double! (McMaster and Richardson appeared on the bench for the first time in a league game!)
Season 02-03 Lost 1-0, Smith missed a pen and the first real cracks of the EL Tel era was setting in!
Season 03-04 Won 2-1 on Easter Saturday, and we all thought safety was in our grasps!
Season 12-13 Drew 0-0 DOUR!

Amazingly and although we didn't know it at the time, Ewood Park still remains the venue for our last ever top flight win! After that we drew at home to Everton, got smashed at Arsenal, failed to show at home to Portsmouth, battered at Bolton, drew at home to Charlton and lost with a wimper at Chelsea!

One game missed off that list was our 2-1 win in January 1990, when a certain Lee Chapman made a goal scoring debut in the second half and David May missed a last minute penalty for the hosts!
Finally from me, we have worn a different variety of kits at Ewood Park, from all Yellow in 89-90, 92-93, 95-96, 96-97, 97-98, 98-99, 01-02 - 03-04, to the Green and Blue stripes which actually made its debut in the fixture in January 94 and made another appearance in February 95! to the black and fluorescent kit last season!