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Official Team News and Updates: Leeds United v Birmingham City

Team news and updates from today's FA cup clash at Elland Road.

Matthew Lewis

Home v. Away
Location: Elland Road
Date: 5/01/12

Time: 15:00


Home: Leeds United

Form: L/W/L/L/W

Away: Birmingham City

Form: L/D/D/W/L


GK: Ashdown
GK: Doyle
D: Lees D: Packwood
D: Tate
D: Davies
D: Pearce D: Caldwell
D: Drury
D: Robinson
M: Hall M: Burke
M: Norris M: Reilly
M: Brown M: Gomis
M: White M: Elliot
F: McCormack F: Redmond
F: Becchio F: Morrison