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Leeds United Takeover: GFH Capital Outline Future Plans for Leeds United

Potential investors at Leeds United have outlined their plans for the club.

Paul Thomas - Getty Images

The company behind the proposed takeover of Leeds United have tonight announced their plans for the football club should/when they complete the deal.

GFH Capital, a subsidiary of Gulf Finance House are thought to be the company who have been behind a bid for Leeds throughout the summer. Yesterday the company confirmed to the Bahrain stoke exchange of its intention to pursue a deal for Leeds.

After yesterday's news, most Leeds fans anticipated another long wait but the potential investors released a statement earlier which is guaranteed to excite United fans around the world.

The statement read:

"GFH Capital's intentions, if successful in its acquisition, is to move the club back to the Premier League as quickly as possible and to help build a sustainable future for the club, both on and off the field. This is expected to benefit the club and the surrounding community, but also the entire city of Leeds."

Hisham Alrayes, chief executive of GFH, added:

"Like many around the world, people from Bahrain and across the Gulf are passionate about the game of football and notably, English clubs - their successes and hardships are a daily talking point.

"In so many instances this is what bridges the gap between borders and different cultures. We are excited by our intentions for Leeds United and remain fully focused on the specifics of this deal, hoping to conclude a positive outcome as soon as possible."

Chief executive David Haigh, is a Leeds fan and he had this to say on his involvement with the club:

"As a club, Leeds United has it all - passionate loyal fans, a great heritage and masses of potential to return to the Premier League with the right, sustainable investment.

"From a business perspective, ownership of an English football club, notably Leeds United, is a great opportunity if the right strategies are in place to benefit from the significant revenues available from renewed broadcasting rights.

"From a personal perspective, I have followed Leeds United since childhood and having been back to Elland Road with my business colleague, Salem Patel and our CEO Hisham Alrayes for the last few home games, it makes us even more determined to acquire the club Leeds United and to see the club prosper.

"The existing infrastructure of the club and the result of the work of Ken Bates means that Leeds United is ready off the field to compete in the Premier League."

GFH Investment officer Salem Patel was the last member of the consortium to voice his opinions on the club, in which he supported manager Neil Warnock. He said:

"We also hope to take back ownership of Elland Road eventually and continue to work closely with Neil Warnock and the team, we intend to show the fans - some of the most passionate in the game - just how we can 'March On Together' to give Leeds United the success it so richly deserves,"