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Leeds United 2-1 Everton: Post Match Quotes

Quotes from Neil Warnock and David Moyes following Leeds United's impressive 2-1 win over Everton in the Capital One Cup at Elland Road.

Paul Thomas - Getty Images

As the dust settles on a great night for Leeds United, here is what the two managers had to say on Leeds United's 2-1 success against Premier League Everton.

Neil Warnock:

"It was great. I spoke to Eddie Gray afterwards and he said it was like going back in time.

It was a great atmosphere, our fans were egging us on, it was tipping it down, and it was a typical cup tie. And all my lads gave me everything so I have no complaints. It was a super result."

We said we'd have to start well because we have some decent players, and the goal gave us a lift, and the crowd as well. We never let up after that. We carried on all the way through.

They had 10 minutes at the start of the second half, which they were always going to do, but I thought we rode that and came back and created some good chances.

There were so many plusses, look at the lads who haven't played like Ashdown, Brown, and Pugh, I thought they were super. It was a fabulous night for the Leeds fans as well."

David Moyes:

"We started badly and gave Leeds too much encouragement and because of that we ended up paying the cost. We were disappointed because we were trying to get through in the cup.

It was always going to be tough. We're not massively endowed in terms of the players who are available to us but I thought tonight we could still put out a side that could win the game. The first half was as poor as we've played this season.

We gave some players an opportunity. We have a squad of players and we have to use them. You have to have a squad of players and when you get chances you have to give them games. We did that and one or two didn't do as well as they can do.

If you looked at the team we put out tonight you would be disappointed if it didn't come and get a result. But in the first half we just didn't put in a good enough performance.

I'm really sorry we weren't able to get the fans a result."