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Peltier Is Relishing Fresh Start And Challenges Ahead

(Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images)
(Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Lee Peltier has admitted that he is excited about playing for one of the most illustrious club's in English football.

The 25-year old returns to Yorkshire just 13 months after ending a very successful spell at Huddersfield to join Leicester.

However, the length and nature of Peltier's transfer meant that doubts over whether it would be completed did materialise.

He told the Yorkshire Evening Post.

"I'm just glad I can focus and keep my head down and look forward to the season now,"

"Obviously, the speculation and the transfer went on for a long time and I'm just happy it's all sorted out and I can relax now.

"I suppose at times, you get worried when it starts to drag out for so long as it did. But obviously, my agent kept me informed with what was going on and to be fair, Leicester were keeping me informed."

He added: "But when stuff carries on for that long, you are scared the club might lose interest and look elsewhere.

"I always knew the size of the club and always wanted to come here. I'm buzzing it's all worked out and that I'm at a massive club."