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Interview with an away fan: Peterborough United

(Photo by Jan Kruger/Getty Images)
(Photo by Jan Kruger/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Tomorrow's game with Peterborough promises to be a much different affair to our defeat in midweek to Blackpool.

In all fairness to Peterborough and I'm sure their fans will agree, they're no Blackpool but they do pose a different threat. The Posh play some lovely football at times and they'll be looking to pick up their first points of the season on Saturday.

I think we will win and so does Peterborough fan Conor King who was kind enough to answer my questions.

Back-to-back defeats in the league this season, have they been deserved or is it a case of no luck at the moment?

Deserved. We were poor against Leicester and shocking against Millwall so we can have no complaints. We were lucky to walk away with only a one goal defeat vs Millwall to be honest.

Not long now until the window shuts for the summer, are you happy with the business done this summer?

On paper, yes. We've strengthened well in midfield which is what we needed. Added numbers in defence too! On the pitch, results don't look too good but there's a long, long way to go!

You've managed to keep hold of Taylor and Boyd two players put up for sale due to failed contract negotiations. Are you surprised?

Not really. With regards to Boyd, although there is interest, no one wants to pay what we value him as. Taylor on the other hand has talent but he has a lot to learn still, and only has one decent season under his belt after a disruptive past so it's understandable why clubs are wary of a big fee for him.

What are your expectations for the season?

We have to better last season. We need to build year on year! I know we're a small club (only club in this division to have never featured in the top flight!) compared to the others but we're here on merit, like everyone else.

Who do we need to watch out for on Saturday?

Boyd. He may not be willing to sign a new deal but he will still do what he has done for 5 and a half years and provide a threat. McCann will want to prove a point to Ferguson if he starts too. I want to say Tomlin as on his day he is absolutely fantastic, but he doesn't seem to have his day too often.

What system will you likely to be using for the game?

Diamond formation I'd imagine. Fergie's favourite. Patient build up, keep possession and frustrate Leeds.

What dangers and weaknesses do you see from Leeds?

Last season defence was an issue for you but I think Warnock has done well to go some way to sorting that. Austin aside, you look weaker in midfield and I'm hoping Fergie will give McCann a start and the freedom to exploit that. Obviously McCormack and Becchio will provide a threat as usual.

What will the atmosphere will be like on Saturday, can we expect a big crowd?

Probably but if we go behind you can probably expect the home end to become unsettled quite quickly. There were boos on Tuesday night for what was an abysmal performance and I think people are just concerned that the shocking run we had in the second half of last season has carried on to this so we're a bit on edge as a group which may well play to Leeds' advantage.

Any Leeds player that you think could slot in your side nicely?

I like the look of Austin but I’m really not sure where we would put him, so I'll go with Tom Lees. Young talented defender, our kind of player!

Prediction for the match?

I'm useless with these, always wrong so I'll say 3-1 Leeds and hope I'm wrong again!

Big thanks to Conor for helping us out once again!