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Ken Bates Confirms Investment Talks are Continuing

Leeds United Chairman Ken Bates today confirmed that talks are on-going with potential investors.

Last night Yorkshire Evening Post's Phil Hay tweeted that a deal couldn't be any closer, with fans thinking that the speculation could finally end.

Bates spoke about the deal in his programme notes today, and also commented via the official site.

He said:

"The real problem is that rumours have abounded inevitably.

"We are in negotiations with a party. We signed an exclusivity agreement to give them a time to do due diligence, and we're continuing negotiations.

"We're also bound by confidentiallity, so we can't say anything, and in the abscence of being able to say anything rumours abound.

"It's basically pub speculation that's being put to a wider audience. I'm sorry for the fans because there's nothing I can tell them at this stage, but when we can I will."