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Who Has Been The Best Leeds Player In The Football League Era?

Through It All Together asks who has been Leeds best player in the last eight years. Many believe that the departing Robert Snodgrass has earned the accolade.  (Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images)
Through It All Together asks who has been Leeds best player in the last eight years. Many believe that the departing Robert Snodgrass has earned the accolade. (Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images)
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As Robert Snodgrass departs Elland Road Through It All Together wants to know who the Leeds United supporters think has been the best Leeds player since relegation from the Premier League in 2004. Chris Gatenby asks has Scottish International Snodgrass won that accolade in his four years with United, and offers a case as to why he might have done so.

It was exactly four years to the day that Robert Snodgrass signed for Leeds United from Livingston when the Whites announced that they have accepted a bid from Norwich City for their star player. Snodgrass's impending departure is symbolic for a number of reasons for Leeds but maybe mostly because the winger is one of the last of the "top players" to leave Elland Road, who played a part in the clubs promotion winning season in 2009/2010.

The Scot follows Jermaine Beckford, Bradley Johnson, Max Gradel and Jonny Howson out of the Leeds exit door, which only creates more anger from Leeds fans to towards soon to be ex chairman Ken Bates.

Unfortunately for this great club and for Neil Warnock, it seems too much water had gone under the bridge for Snodgrass. This is as he had seen his former team mates move on and make treble the wages they were on at Elland Road and play the highest level. Added to this is what Snodgrass described as "broken promises I've heard time and time before" from Bates.

Although the reality is that Snodgrass's departure is another chapter in the book of Ken Bates, this chapter should be the last one that is to be written.

With new ownership and funds imminent for Warnock despite our captain leaving it is a major blow however, it is likely it shall not be seen as a disaster as Howsons departure was in January. This is arguably when the club was at one of its lowest points in Bates reign as it became apparent to the entire football world how much Leeds craved and needed change.

The club has exciting times ahead and the reality is that we were always going to lose Robert Snodgrass at some stage because of the damage that had been done in the past.

Unfortunately because Bates is almost out of the picture now it almost looks like Snodgrass is bailing on us at time when he doesn't have the need to. For all of the criticism that he has received it is hard to fault his motives. I think it's hard not to say that he's leaving for the right reasons. It has always come across that it isn't about the money with him he just wants to test his ability at the highest level.

I personally hope that Robert Snodgrass's time and contribution at Leeds United is remembered for the right reasons. I'd ask the fans to remember the player who signed for us in League 1 and was one of the main reasons we made it back to the championship. The player who was so skilled, talented, and committed to the cause like we all want all of our players to be.

Let it also not be forgotten that it's reported he turned down "a few opportunities" to move on in the last two years before now. Whilst we're not currently playing at the highest level and have Snodgrass who is a player who clearly has all the tools to progress to the highest level and in my opinion more so than Beckford, Johnson, or Howson. How long can you expect him to wait for Premier League football? As that is the level that he truly belongs at.

For that reason I believe that Snodgrass deserves to be wished well and as a club we should be thankful that we have had him for as long as we did as he was clearly always destined for the top level. In my opinion no one has entertained more run their heart out more and tried more to achieve success for this club more than Snodgrass. This is alongside with his skill, talent, and all round ability which I don't believe has be matched by anyone at Elland Road in the last eight years.

Which is why Robert Snodgrass gets my vote as the best Leeds United player in the football league era to date, my only regret in regards to him is I shall never get to write about him being the captain who led Leeds United back to the Premier League.

Other Contenders For Leeds Best Player In The Football League Era:

Jermaine Beckford - Scored 84 goals for Leeds in three seasons and was the driving force behind the clubs promotion to the Championship in 2010. Arguably the biggest challenger to Snodgrass, left for Everton on a free transfer in 2010 after failing to agree a new contract.

Bradley Johnson- Signed for Norwich in 2011 on a free transfer after failing to agree a new contract. He was also part of the promotion winning side in 2010 and had an outstanding 2010/2011 season before moving on.

Max Gradel- Scored 25 goals for the club. From the moment he was signed on loan by them manager Simon Grayson the fans chanted "sign him up" which Grayson obliged, Gradel went on to play a key part in 2010's promotion and have outstanding debut season in the championship. Left for St- Etienne in 2011 for £1.75 million, after failing to agree a new contract with the club.

Jonny Howson- Howson who is a Leeds lad and life-long Leeds fan had two magnificent seasons in 2009/2010 and 2010/2011 for the whites. He came through clubs academy and went onto captain the first team he is one of United's greatest academy player success stories. Left for Norwich in Jan 2012 for £2million, after failing to agree a new contract at Elland Road.

Luciano Becchio- The Argentinean striker is still at Elland Road and has currently scored 66 goals for the club. Not the most skilled number ten in Leeds history however he has won over the fans admiration with his unbelievable commitment and work rate he shows every time he plays. Injury saw him have a below par season last term will be looking recapture his form he showed in his first three seasons at the club.

Leave your comments to let us know which one of these contenders has been Leeds United's best player in the Football League era to date. Or have we missed anybody who we should be talking about and be associated with this accolade? Let us know now