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Snodgrass Leaves Cornwall for Exit Talks with Norwich City

Thanks for everything Snoddy!!
(Photo by Clint Hughes/Getty Images)
Thanks for everything Snoddy!! (Photo by Clint Hughes/Getty Images)
Getty Images

After such a good week, Leeds' old curse has returned as Robert Snodgrass looks 99% certain to be joining Norwich City.

Neil Warnock has confirmed to the Leeds official site that Snodgrass has left Cornwall, where the squad are training to talk to a Premier League club. After playing on Monday against Tavistock, Snoddy has left this morning to continue talks for a deal which is supposed to be around £2.5million.

Warnock was quick to express his disappointent when he spoke to the official site, he said:

"Negotiations have been going on for weeks. I was hoping he would have had a change of heart and I can honestly say that in all my time in football, I've never worked as hard in trying to keep a player. He was offered the best contract, the captaincy, and we would have built a team around him so I am very disappointed.

He's made it clear what he wants to do and he's had his head turn. He wants to play in the Premier League. He believes his Scotland international career may be better served in the Premier League, but I'm not sure.

The club is in the process of due diligence and there's not a lot concrete we can say to him. He's seen and heard a lot of things over the past few years. But I am still disappointed. Very disappointed. Life moves on though.

He's always said he wants to play in the Premier League, although I'm not so sure it's a great move because I think another year would have suited him. But he's in the last year of his contract and players are in charge of the situation at that stage.

The fans know I'm doing everything I can and we have to make sure we cover the loss of Rob. We do need a couple of quality signings and we're talking to a number of prospects at the moment. It's not impossible. I was delighted to get Varney in and Aidy has signed a new contract.

Unfortunately, you can't keep a player if he wants to go. You can do your best, but your hands are tied sometimes, and we've tried every way we can to get him to stay, but in the end it wasn't possible."

Words can't describe my disappointment at the news, but it was bound to happen. Once again Leeds' policy has bitten them on the behind and we will once again lose a player, captain to Norwich.

Four years ago today, Snodgrass signed for the club and since then he's been a revelation. Ignore the comments of him going missing and not trying, they're utter rubbish. Snoddy gave his all for the club and for that you've got to wish him the best in the future. He wasn't a money-grabber, he cared for the fans but he was messed around for too long. He deserves his chance in the Premier League, like Howson, Beckford and Johnson.

It's just a shame Snoddy and co never got to experience the Premier League with Leeds United.

Good luck Snoddy, thanks for the past four years.