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Norwich Fans View on Adam Drury

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It's not often you see 99% of tweets, facebook status', online comments and blogs from fans praising a football player from their club.

Not in Leeds United's case anyway.

I've commented on a few occasions how, as a fan base, Leeds fans are far too critical of players joining, playing or leaving our club.

The case is much different when it comes to Adam Drury. Leeds' new recruit was announced yesterday and will officially join Leeds on July 1st.

The comments and opinions of fellow pros and fans from the Canaries faithful speaks volumes. In our case we just have to hope they're telling the truth, we've seen players who will light up Elland Road flop miserably in the past.

Instead of believing the rumours from people who work in the Thorp Arch canteen and say Drury is first class, this season I've tried my best to get the try honest opinion of fans who know our new signings like the back of their hand.

Without further ado, below is the views of Matt from Norwich site Holtamania.

"I've written a lot of words on Drury over on my site these last few weeks, and they were all written with the assumption he was still going to be our player next year. If I'd known he was this close to leaving, I might have been even fonder in my praise. The fact is Adam Drury is as model a professional as you'll find in the modern game, a man who just had his testimonial at the club having spent 11 turbulent years here, through thick and thin, through good times and very bad. He's been a credit throughout, when other players have jumped ship.

We signed him back in 2001, and he's been a constant in our defence for a decade. Not lightning quick, but you won't see him beaten down the outside, not a huge threat in attack, but he knows how to get the ball into threatening positions, his main strength is his brilliant one-on-one ability. You put him on an island with the best wingers the Championship has to offer and he'll come out on top 99 times out of 100. He reads the game with maturity and intelligence and leads by example rather than shouting.

You'll see it all on the pitch - he leaves everything out there, runs into the ground and simply does what is asked of him. Like anyone he'll have a bad game from time to time, but it'll never be through lack of effort or heart - he's a pro. Darren Huckerby called him the best pure defender he's ever played with, and it's fair praise.

A former captain, a former player of the season winner, he went into last season as backup to Marc Tierney and many fans had doubts as to whether he'd be up to the task is required. Called upon he was, and the doubts may never have been there. He was as reliable in 2011 as he was in 2001 and provided a calm head when the trials of the Premier League sometimes looked to overwhelm.

It's a mark of just how liked and respected he is among Norwich fans that the overwhelming feeling towards his departure is gratitude and well-wishing; contrast that to another wantaway player right now. He's given us a decade of service and the chance to play for another big club, in front of big crowds, in a good league is something I'm delighted has come his way. You don't need to worry about your left-back spot for a year or two now."