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Warnock Explains Clayton Decision and Hopeful of New Signing By Friday

Warnock wants to announce his new signing tomorrow, and has revealed he wants 1 or 2 midfielders in.(Photo by Claudio Villa/Getty Images)
Warnock wants to announce his new signing tomorrow, and has revealed he wants 1 or 2 midfielders in.(Photo by Claudio Villa/Getty Images)
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The dust has finally settled around Thorp Arch after a turbulent 24 hours for both players and fans associated with Leeds United football club.

As most of you know the 2nd of May 2012 was the day Warnock announced his plans for the players, with the big surprise that Adam Clayton was being placed on the transfer list.

It left some fans outraged and baffled while others were pleased and content. First it was Warnock's fault (and of course Bates'), then Clayton's then his agents. It's all still a little confusing I must admit. The general consensus is, Adam Clayton's representatives wage demands and those the club were prepared to offer weren't on the same wave length.

As a result Clayton finds himself on the transfer list, and apparently saddened and disappointed according to the Evening Post, who have spoken with his representatives.

Warnock spoke to Skysports earlier this morning to give his side of the story:

"Adam has done quite well since I've been here. I just feel we need a change in certain directions and when I talked to his representatives I think it was clear that we were not going to get near the ball park, where they wanted to be wages side. So it was pointless dragging it on and we have already got Robert Snodgrass, Ross McCormack, Aidy White - whether they will resign is not yet to be decided.

I just thought at this moment in time, I wanted to bring in one or two midfielders to the club. If we don't get the figures, Adam will come back and fight for his place and that's what I have said to him."

After announcing those available to leave, and those who have left, Warnock had some more positive news about those coming in to the club. It's been rumoured for many weeks that our first signing will be Jason Pearce from Portsmouth. Although Warnock remained tight-lipped about who it is, he has announced he's hopeful of unveiling the signing tomorrow.

Speaking to the Leeds official site, Warnock said:

"I'm hoping to make our first signing on Friday. There's been lots of speculation and I'm not going to talk about individual names, but once it's all done I'll comment then. It'd be nice if we could have three or four in fairly quickly, but it might be that even though we do complete some deals, we can't tell people about them until after July 1st.

I've said all along that there could be a large influx of new faces coming, but I can't tell you how many. Some of that may depend on which of the transfer listed players move on and what offers we get. That's what I did on Thursday because it gets things moving from our side and people know where they stand."

Will ever know the truth about Clayton...probably not. What we do know from this situation is Warnock isn't messing about and wants to move on.

What's really bugging me is why there wasn't negotiations. Why didn't we refuse their demands and offer him something, as according to his agent no formal offer was made to Clayton. I don't buy the rubbish that we're better off without Clayton. Adam Clayton has shown me this season that he could be a very good player...

Well he's been shit most of the time I hear you all cry as you read this from your phones and pc's. Well wasn't Bradley Johnson? O and Jonny Howson. We can find better everyone said. Rubbish. We pay peanuts and everyone of us would drive to Norwich now to retrieve them two. There is better out there than Adam Clayton, the guy has a lot to learn. But do they come it's as simple as that.

I think losing Adam Clayton is another big mistake. I'm worried what Ross McCormack and Robert Snodgrass will think of this situation, after all we need to convince them to stay at the football club. Until then we have to trust Warnock quite simply because the guy is a genius at achieving promotions. I do believe him when he says he has plans in place. I don't think he'd lie to us especially after he's praised us so much.

We need to grin and bear it at the moment and trust Warnock to deliver. Just a quick message though Neil...hurry up as I can't handle all summer waiting for some news!!!