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Snodgrass to Speak to Leeds United in June over New Contract

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Robert Snodgrass has confirmed to SportingLife that he will sit down with Leeds United in June to discuss his new contract.

Snoddy revealed on May the 1st that he was in no rush to sign a new deal when he spoke to the Yorkshire Evening Post.

Since then Leeds United fans have heard very little when it comes to a solid update on the situation. Fans tweeted here and there...'Snoddy will sign tomorrow mark my words...' It didn't happen.

We did a poll earlier this month with 49% of people wishing for the club to keep the Scottish International until December before reconsidering the offers available. However 28% wanted the club to sell him now.

Last week Ken Bates claimed the club were close to a deal but there was the odd sticking point, (maybe he is still sick of seeing no activity within the club).

Now Snoddy has revealed that he will sit down with the club to discuss his deal in June.

"I have another year left and they have offered me another contract and my agent is still speaking with them. I said that I wanted to take a few weeks away from everything, not make any decisions and we will start speaking in June.

The decision doesn't need to be made right now. Being captain of Leeds United in the Premier League would be a dream come true. If anyone would have said that when I went down there as a 20-year-old, I wouldn't have believed them, I don't think anyone would have,

But I am living in the real world. We didn't get there. If things change in terms of bringing players in and getting Premier League class and kicking-on, then it's a no brainer. You sign the contract and move on."

So there it is Ken. Snoddy has said it nice and simple for you and Mr. Harvey. Invest some cash on some quality players and Mr.Snodgrass will sign his contract. Not hard really when you think about it is it?

Just got so spend some serious cash, something I think you have forgotten how to do.