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Is Snoddy Close to Signing his Deal or is it More Bates Drivel?


We're not even in the middle of May. Yet lo and behold we already have some early excuses from our chairman Ken Bates.

For those of you who have only been reading the site for a few weeks I'll explain my stance on Bates. I started off a few years ago not minding the man. I then became a season ticket holder and began to realise the problem. Off the field I'd like to think Bates has done a good job for the club. On the field...a disaster. I haven't been driven to despair just yet, my season ticket is renewed and ready to go next season.

You all know the story but once again Ken could be up to his usual tricks. Early excuses and apparent confirmation of contracts are on the agenda this week.

The reason behind today's little rant is, well two reasons actually. It all involves Bates' radio interview yesterday with Yorkshire Radio, his usual Wednesday afternoon propaganda slot. Firstly his reasoning behind what 'might' be a long summer for Leeds fans and secondly his comments about Robert Snodgrass.

Here's what he said yesterday:

"I must urge the fans to have patience. There will not be much movement over the next month or two. Clubs are going to be short of money this summer because of the three and half month's close season, when it is normally just over two months. It will affect cash flow.

With players, where they are now being paid by their current club until July 31st, what clubs are going to come in and sign somebody who will not do any work for them for three months. It is going to be a long slow arduous process over the next month or so."

So then that's one excuse out in the open. Clubs, not Leeds United most clubs according to Ken won't be signing people because they're costing them money for three months. Expect the Skysports News studios to be a deserted wasteland then for a few months, after all what Ken says is true. Clubs need to cut back due to the new regulations, we've been cutting back for around six seasons for the looming deadline.

Unlike any other chairman, Ken uses every excuse imaginable to try and keep his credibility to the few remaining fans he has. We need to go for broke, we need to aim for promotion and Ken's message is well clubs aren't spending so sorry fans. Then when everyone starts spending we will be left behind...because that's what always happens at Leeds United. The mixed messages coming from Elland Road speak volumes, and like I dreaded, it doesn't seem like Bates and Warnock are on the same wave length.

Warnock just last week wanted three or four by the end of the month..Ken says next three months. It bloody well looks like we're back to square one with it all.

As for Snodgrass well some positive comments to be honest. Or is it?


Speaking about Snodgrass Bates said:

"We are almost there with Snodgrass. We have a few outstanding sticking points but there may be sticking points but we will just have to wait and see."

Ok not overly positive but much better than the constant abuse he gives to agents and the rest. The issue here is well what can we believe with Ken?

I hate being pessimistic I really do but the constant excuses, lack of spending and players leaving has driven me to this. Can we trust anything Ken says anymore?

This is the same Ken that said Delph and Gradel were not for sale. Gradel was going nowhere no matter what. Less than a week later he was gone and the deal was a great offer for a player who was not interested in staying. I wonder why he wasn't?

Howson and Gradel's transfer fees appeared to be on the low-side but we all accepted we got OK fees for the pair. Then the weeks went by and some more home truths. Ken admitting that the fee wasn't as big as it was thought and the rest came in instalments...most likely international appearances.

There are plenty more examples of something Bates has said and then all of a sudden they had no choice.

So the question is, are we being fed more propaganda and bullshit once more? Why should we believe Ken? After all he is the main reason the 2011/2012 season was a disaster.

If Snoddy does sign like Ken says then I won't apologise. A club like Leeds United should or once should have been able to tempt Snoddy into signing in a heartbeat. Instead he's seen team-mate after team-mate leave him.

I more than anyone want to see Snoddy sign. Ignore the haters the Scotsman is on his day the best player we've got. Lets hope we spend and sign some players and get the squad ready for the new season. Ken could also be lying and taking the attention away from more failed transfer dealings.

But this is just a little reminder for everybody. Do not get sucked in to the shit! Do not get excited and think the worst. Why you say?

Because that is what usually happens at Leeds United football club.