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The Robert Snodgrass Contract Situation: What do the Fans Want if Snoddy Refuses to Sign?

Snoddy sign that contract..,please!!!
(Photo by Clint Hughes/Getty Images)
Snoddy sign that contract..,please!!! (Photo by Clint Hughes/Getty Images)
Getty Images

The ongoing saga of Robert Snodgrass' contract situation is enough to keep the die-hard Leeds fans awake at night. He is by a country mile our best player on his day, although Ross McCormack has shown he will give him a good run for his money.

We reported back on April the 12th that Snoddy has been offered a new deal, and since then Leeds fans had heard nothing concrete from the man himself. That's until today.

You may have missed today's news that Snoddy is looking to take his time with his contract.

His quotes are interesting and we can analyse them all day long. He said he needs to sit down with his family - some have analysed this as a disaster and really he's talking to his agent about moving. Others have suggested they'd speak to their family about any decision in their career.

"I've a year left and if nothing comes about, I'll be here at Leeds United and hopefully be part of what will be a successful promotion season." Snoddy said. If nothing comes about - would automatically suggest an offer from another club. It could also mean in terms of good, quality players coming in to the club.

You get the picture, we just don't know. What we do know is Snoddy does have some thinking to do. Should he sign the contract straight away, without thinking about his options? Of course he should!!

In the past Snoddy has put his trust in the board and management to build a solid team and show some ambition going forward. They haven't and since they promises last summer we sold Max Gradel and Jonny Howson. I bet Snoddy loved that.

If he signs happy days, we can party in the streets. We'd have a leading player under contract, and should we fail in promotion can make money on him and wish him all the best.

What is interesting however is what will happen should he fail to sign. You'd think that everyone would be gutted but could probably understand it. You'd also think that 99% of the fans would want to see him stay and of course try get promoted so he could sign then.

Much to my surprise though, social networking sites and forums have been full of comments from fans suggesting they'd like to see him sold if he decides not to sign. I personally couldn't think of anything worse. Yes we get the money from the deal but how much of it would be reinvested and given to Warnock. We've been told he will have cash, but we've heard the same old bullshit in the past.

I'd obviously love him to sign, I don't think he will and I'd keep him and use his talents to try and get up the league table. Nobody could ever questions Snoddy's passion to pay for the club, he'd keep trying as always regardless of those coming in for him.

I really hope that Saturday's lap of honour isn't the final chance I'll get to see Snoddy in a Leeds kit, but I paid close attention to him just in case.

The question is what do the majority of the fans want, should he refuse to sign? Vote away!