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Warnock Wants a Team the Fans can be Proud of

(Photo by Claudio Villa/Getty Images)
(Photo by Claudio Villa/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Neil Warnock felt the same feeling, along with the 25,000+ fans inside Elland Road on Saturday against Leicester City. That feeling of pure relief that the season was over and the summer is upon us.

Looking outside your windows this afternoon and the summer isn't upon us, but the rebuilding of Leeds United's squad can start as of tomorrow.

Tomorrow the list of retained players will be announced by Neil Warnock. They could be a few surprises but the core of the team seems straight forward. Lees, Clayton, Snoddy, McCormack and Becchio all look set to stay, ok maybe not Snoddy, but despite the constant planning from the fans we will never know what's going on inside Warnock's head.

Warnock has had to make do with Grayson's players and the odd youth player for his spell in charge. The United boss now has the extended summer due to the Olympics to bring in those he desires, if the funds are available.

When speaking to the official site, Warnock said he was relieved and excited about the coming months:

"It was a feeling of relief that it's all over. I was disappointed with the way we lost on Saturday but I've always known from four or five weeks ago what type of job it was going to be and nothing changes.

You saw on Saturday the biggest thing we've got is the fans. The challenge now is to give them something to cheer about and get results as well. The job is even bigger than I thought and it might be even bigger - I don't know what certain lads will re-sign. I'm going to have to play it by ear and be a magician but I'll give it my best shot, without a shadow of a doubt.

I need to be able to rely on people next year and that's not been the case this season. I do believe it can be done. I'm going to need a bit of luck with the signings and we're all going to have to pull in the same direction.

I've always said, when I leave Leeds United I want to leave the club with a team they can be proud of - a team that just needs the odd one or two players, not a massive change. I want a team they can be proud of irrespective of results."

Make what you want of Warnock's comments, but he does need some luck. We need clubs to drop prices which they probably won't as they know we need players. We also need our key players behind the new vision of taking the club to the Premier League once again. It's a shame Warnock is speaking about leaving at the end of the season as it adds to the pressure.

But if anyone can get us a better squad and push for promotion it's Warnock.