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Leeds United Championship Season 2011/2012: The Season to Forget...and in a few cases to Remember

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The first Monday after the end of the football season is usually a football fans worst nightmare. They've experienced the highs and lows that the previous nine months have given them and they're thirsty for more. They've nowhere to go on a Saturday, they have to cut the grass, wash the car or spend more time with their partners...something they try desperately to avoid for most of the year.

My feeling right now, on this sunny Monday in April is one of relief. Just pure relief that I don't have to waste my time again on a Saturday or even more so on the dreaded Tuesday night fixtures.

It's hard enough for a fan, but for me having to return home and write about it has really started to wear thin. The enjoyment factor has evaporated this season and what was once a hobby has now become a chore.

The all too familiar feeling of dejection and disbelief returned as I walked away from the Kop on Saturday afternoon. To make matters worse I was piss wet through. The last minute goal summed up everything that the 2011/2012 season has brought us. Terrible football, Danny Pugh playing shit, missed chances and defending which can be paralleled by many Under-13's sides in the community.

The usual final day piss-up was a little different. It was a case of drinking till you forget EVERYTHING, instead of drink while reminiscing about the good times.

What really makes it worse is this season promised so much. OK, we signed nobody and all feared we were going to find it harder than the previous season, but we had Gradel, Howson and Snoddy and with those three we were confident or at least better off. We all know the story, key players departed and weren't replaced. We limped to Christmas picking up results against all odds under the stewardship of Grayson. As a big fan of Grayson it was hard to see him leave, but even the most loyal of his supporters could see his time was probably up.

The dressing room seemed to stop playing for him, the captain left and once again no money was spent. What was spent went on Pugh (shakes head) and wasted contracts to Varynen and Forssell. There's also the horror performances. Not the usual ones but those DIRE ones. I know none of you want to remember them but, Blackpool, Forest (home), Birmingham, Barnsley (twice) are all reminders of just how low this football club has gone. Yes we're not in League One but the fact some fans enjoyed it, and with -15 points really tells the tale.

We've seen protests, lack of renewals (despite what Ken says) and above all else a dying crowd and atmosphere at Elland Road. It's difficult to put into words really how bad and what a waste of time this season has been. I could rant all day but I really don't want to think about it.

As of today the season is behind us and we need to forget about it, not just for the positives of the future but for health reasons too. The only memory I wish to take forward is that of Nottingham Forest away and the respects paid to a club legend. In one of the hardest times for fans, the club and supporters rallied to give Gary Speed a proper send off that he deserved.

For now though I can't wait for the break. Leeds United is still a massive part of my life but I'll enjoy spending some time away from Elland Road. It's something I didn't think I would ever say but it's the harsh reality.

I unlike some will return next season despite numerous thoughts of cancelling the season ticket. I will spend the summer refreshing and looking forward to a new era. Warnock has outlined his plan and we don't have much choice but too back him. He's the master of promotions and we need to unite as one.

Although we've only been writing on the new site for a month, I hope you've enjoyed reading. We will be back I hope ready to charge for promotion with some new writers and hopefully more content. We will still be covering the rest of the news, rumours etc but I just wanted to have a little rant about shit it's been. I was planning to do a vote for the worst moment, but like I've said before I refused to mention it again. Especially the performance of a certain keeper in the odd game.

I hope you will all join me in forgetting the previous season, take the very few positives and move on.

Bring on next season, and for christ sake Ken and Neil don't let us down as I don't think many of us can take it again.

Marching/Moaning on Together!