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Warnock Looks Beyond Play-offs

Neil Warnock has said Leeds United won't make the play-offs and need to focus on next season.
(Photo by Ian Walton/Getty Images)
Neil Warnock has said Leeds United won't make the play-offs and need to focus on next season. (Photo by Ian Walton/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Neil Warnock has played down the chance of play-off football and admitted himself and the fans should look at the summer and next season.

Shock horror?

Well the following quotes below were taken from an interview Warnock did with the Yorkshire Post earlier today when the squad visited Flamingo Land as part of the partnership with the theme park, who sponsor the youth academy.

There's some interesting words from Warnock, he admits it's a massive challenge to build a squad to go up next season which is good because I don't think he will get the funds to build one. That's a challenge in itself but that's a rant for another day.

After the jump are the quotes from the interview.

"There's six games left and it can't come quick enough really. We've just got to give three or four lads who haven't had a chance yet a few games, and then I can finalise what I'm thinking at the moment.

We need quite an influx of new players if I'm honest and I think the average supporter knows that, that has watched the team. It's probably why I got the job, I think it's obvious that we need some fresh blood in there and it can't come soon enough."

Speaking about Ken Bates:

"Like I say he's coming over next weekend for the week and we will talk face-to-face, I don't like talking on the phone too much. We're going to have a couple of meetings; I think he's got the same way of thinking as me I think."

Speaking about the Leeds fans:

"I know I've still got the support and that's probably the most incredible thing for me. I think the average fan knows it's a rebuilding job that is needed at the moment."

Speaking about the play-offs:

"I think they've been over for a number of weeks now if I'm honest. We've still got a mathematical chance but that's because other teams haven't taken their chance. At home you can't see where a win is going to come from so we need to change drastically to get a win."

Speaking about the difference since his arrival:

"Well I don't know whether it's a difference I just think it's a case of summing it all up and having a look at what's needed. The fans seem to be with me and if they weren't I wouldn't be here. It's going to be a battle to get a squad good enough to go up, but that's the challenge and we've got a tough task going down to Reading with a thread-bare squad."

Speaking about inheriting Simon Grayson's squad:

"I think you just need to instil your own players really, all managers are like that I'm no different to anyone else. I want to do well and get promotion. It's what I've come for and it's what I'd like to do. I'm sure everybody at Leeds wants the same, it's not rocket science that's what we all want.

We've got to enjoy the home crowds, so far since I've been here, we've had a couple of good performances but you've got to be consistent. They need to be used to the Championship, it's a physical league and that's what you've got be."