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Leeds United vs Leicester City: Pre-Match Quotes

(Photo by Matthew Lewis/Getty Images)
(Photo by Matthew Lewis/Getty Images)
Getty Images

This pre-match quote has a slightly different slant to it.

We've got some quotes from Neil Warnock ahead of the final game against Leicester.

And some quote about the future for the Foxes from our old pal Kasper Schmeichel.

Remember Kasper act like a two year old again when we score past you and blame the defence, and Jermaine if you're reading don't score mate and come to the Kop to show your love!

Speaking on the Leeds official site, Warnock said:

"The expectations at Leicester will have been huge and you have to say they have under achieved. A lot of money was spent, most of it by their previous manager, and I'm sure they will have expected better. I watched them play against West Ham this week and you looked at that game and thought 'why aren't these two sides promoted?'

But in Nigel Pearson they have a manager who I have a lot of time for. He has a lot of Championship experience and, like us, I'm sure he is waiting for the season to end so he can rebuild and come back stronger next season.

The fans here have had a frustrating season, and I'd like us to be able to finish with a positive for them. I've had a bit of stick for saying I wanted the season to end, but I think the majority of people understand what I've been saying and why. We've got one game to go, and it'd be nice if we can finish on a good note."

Speaking on the Leicester site, Kasper said:

"We obviously have the Leeds game to think about, but after that we've got to go away in the summer, reflect on this and learn from it. Next season we're going to need all the experiences we've had this season to recitfy it. As a squad it's a shame because we have a lot of potential, but you have to produce it in games on a consistent basis.

When we're good, we're very good, but when things aren't working for us we don't quite have that other side quite right. In the summer I'm sure the gaffer will do what's needed to be done and I'm looking forward to seeing what he's got planned.

Stability is what is needed at a football club and, with the transition we've gone through, I think it's vital that we get that. As a club we've got everything we need. We have great owners, a great manager and I hope now that he gets the chance to build a squad as he'd like it. I'm very confident he knows what we wants, and what he wants will get us where we want to be."