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Interview With An Away Fan: Leicester City

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It's here the final interview with an away fan. I'm slightly upset as I enjoy getting an insight into the other clubs, and delighted at the same time. The last interview with an away fan means one thing, the end of the season.

I must have sounded like a broken record over the past few weeks but I CAN'T WAIT TILL WARNOCK BRINGS SOME PLAYERS IN. Unless it's Diouf.

Mike McCarthy from FoxBlogger was kind enough to share a few words about the final game of the season.

You were expected to finish near the top this season due to the cash the club spent. 10th at the moment, do you class the season as a failure?

I don't think there any other way we can look at it. After all the hype, Leicester will end the season with fewer points that they managed to win last season. If results go badly this weekend we could still end up finishing as low as 14th. The sad reality is that this season we have been nowhere near good enough.

This fixture between the two of us promised so much for Leeds fans, did Foxes fans think this game could be vital for a promotion bid?

Absolutely. At the start of the season many pundits felt that Monday's match with West Ham would be the title decider. As the year progressed, this fixture looked like it could be part of an almighty scrap for a playoff place. That neither has come close to happening only serves to underline the huge disappointment 2011/12 has been.

As we've seen in the past you can't buy success straight away. When the club started to open the chequebook did you feel that you could go up or were you cautious?

I think most of us got a little carried away at the start of the season. By November, we'd learned our lesson. People say you can't by the Championship. I don't believe that's true, just look at the huge losses QPR made before being promoted. What matters is how you spend, and just as importantly how patient owners are prepared to be when success isn't as instantaneous as they might have hoped.

Obviously most of the stories will be negative regarding yourselves and the money you spent, but there are some positives e.g. a better team than you previously had. What will you take from the experience?

For much of Sven's time here it's fair to say the football wasn't dull. Leicester were playing some beautiful football at times, and on their day were unstoppable. We've seen some excellent players at the KP who wouldn't otherwise have thought twice about joining. That said, it's a results business and ultimately our points total tells you all you need to know.

When we last spoke you mentioned the situation with Sven, what about Pearson. Are the fans confident he can take the club to the Premiership?

There is a real divide here. Some are already becoming impatient, particularly with Leicester's inconsistency. Pearson's had 29 league games in charge and his points per game ratio this season is practically identical to Sven's.

But Pearson, thanks to his previous spell and the success he had here, has bought himself enough goodwill to have a summer to build a side in his own image. That's not to say there won't be a sizeable contingent of supporters ready and waiting to say 'I told you so' if we find ourselves in mid-table after a dozen games next term.

Personally, I think stability counts for something. I thought Sven should have had the season, and I believe Pearson deserves a full campaign too if only for no other reason than the merry-go-round of managers has thus far brought little success.

Matt Mills and Sol Bamba have been linked to Leeds in the past few weeks. I'd love Matt Mills at Leeds, what is going on with him?

The truth is nobody really knows but Nigel Pearson and Matt Mills. It's said the pair fell out after the sides 3-2 defeat at Watford on Valentines Day. But Mills' continued absence from the side suggests this is much more than a lover's tiff.

Pearson has a track record of falling out with players. I suspect that if Ken Bates is prepared to pay Mills' sizeable wages you'll be more than welcome to him. (that's a no then).

You on Monday and have only won once in four, are you looking forward to the end of the season like ourselves?

I can't wait for it to end so I can begin to concentrate on England's no doubt underwhelming performances at Euro 2012.

Any idea what the club will be doing to improve next season, we need a brand new squad but you seem to have the quality?

Pearson is on record saying there will not be a repeat of the wholesale changes we saw last summer. His main targets are likely to be one or two wingers, a ball winning midfielder, and a striker with some presence up front.

Of course, with Financial Fair Play on the horizon, Leicester would be sensible not to repeat the trolly dash that was last summer's transfer window.

Kasper and Jermaine Beckford will be under the spotlight this Saturday. How have they been doing and what the fans think of the pair?

Kasper is in with a shout for player of the year and Beckford has started to show glimpses of what made him so prolific elsewhere. I can't help but think that with Beckford, Leicester have failed to get the best from him. He might be one of the big earners to make way in the summer.

O and can we have Beckford back?

I think Pearson would be open to offers, frankly.

Who do Leeds fans need to watch out for on Saturday?

Ben Marshall, one of Pearson's early signings from Stoke, has quickly gained a reputation for scoring wonder goals. If he finds himself on the left edge of the penalty area I guarantee he'll cut inside and look to find the top corner. Watch out.

Any Leeds player you'd like to bring to Leicester next season?

Ross McCormack, please.

Prediction for the match? I'm going for 2-2.

That sounds about right to me.