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Can Lee Bowyer Still do a Job in the Championship?

(Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images)
(Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Before everyone else puts two-and-two together I thought I'd look at the possibility of Lee Bowyer signing for Leeds United this summer.

For those of you that don't know, Bowyer will not be offered a new contract by Ipswich boss Paul Jewell. Ipswich Town site TWTD, broke the story earlier today on their site and ever since Leeds fans have mentioned bringing Bowyer back to Leeds.

Last summer Simon Grayson went in for Bowyer but once again we missed out, with Bowyer citing family reasons for wanting to remain down south. It was a move that would have pleased Leeds fans. He'd just left Birmingham and done well there and it gave us the chance to reunite with one of best players from our Premiership years.

Speaking about Bowyer Jewell said:

"We're not offering Lee Bowyer a contract. I've spoken with him at lengths over the past few weeks. He's a terrific lad, a terrific pro, he's been really good around the place. He's good with the young players and I think he's got a good career ahead of him in coaching, but he wants to continue playing and I don't think there'll be a shortage of takers for him.

He goes with our best wishes. He's a winner. Everything he does he wants to win and he's a good role model for young players. But he wants to continue playing and we just feel that maybe we're going to go down a younger route."

It's inevitable that Bowyer will be linked with Leeds, cue the rumours a few people know his cousin's best mate, who is married to a woman who's sister works in the Thorp Arch kitchen. But I braved the forums at TWTD to ask the fans what they think about Bowyer.

And the general consensus is they don't want him and are delighted to see the back of him.

"The season passed him by, didn't play much. He scored the winner against West Ham but apart from that not really happened for him."

"Short answer - no. He's too slow, legs have gone and has spent a large part of the season picking up niggling injuries. And he's a massive racist."

"He's past it. Might be good in League Two."

"Personally I am not sure if his heart was ever in it here and I suspect he was looking for a final pay day."

So the Ipswich fans think he's a racist and they also don't believe he has the ability.

Everyone has different opinions but from the views of the Ipswich fans I think we should stay clear of Bowyer. Last year I'd have loved to see him in a Leeds shirt, but for Ipswich a mid-table team (no offence here we're crap too) to say he's not good enough then we should probably stay clear. I'm all for experience but he will require a hefty wage packet and for him to be a bit part player seems a pointless move.

So you've heard my thoughts and those of Jewell and Ipswich fans, but what do you fans think? Is Lee Bowyer still a good signing at this level?