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Cardiff 1 - 1 Leeds United: Statistics and Post Match Quotes

Warnock once again reiterated that he can't wait for the new season. (Photo by Ben Hoskins/Getty Images)
Warnock once again reiterated that he can't wait for the new season. (Photo by Ben Hoskins/Getty Images)
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Team Statistics:

Through It All Together Cardiff City Leeds United
Possession 51.2% 48.8%
Goal Attempts (on target) 9 (4) 5 (1)
Corners 3 2
Offsides 2 2
Fouls 9 13

Attendance: 25,109

Post Match Quotes:

Speaking on Yorkshire Radio, Warnock said:

"Leigh has ruptured his patellar tendon. He hasn't gone to hospital because he won't save anything now. He will have an operation next week.

He will be out for a long, long time - I'd be surprised if he is back before Christmas, it could be a year. I'm gutted and disappointed for him because he has just come back in the team and done well. He was in agony and required oxygen because he had passed out. But the Cardiff fans were fantastic. They were very supportive straight away and the ref showed he knew what he was doing. I want to say a big thank you to everyone for the way they reacted.

I was disappointed at half-time not to be winning. How Ross McCormack missed his header, I will never know. We never put their players under pressure and we don't put teams under pressure. They would have been under so much pressure had they gone down 1-0.

All of a sudden it is what I call an 'alehouse ball' and we are 1-0 down. It is disappointing for me but only one more game to go, thank goodness.

I am frustrated. When you look at the teams in the play-offs, even with the team we have, we should have won more games.

I decided on Saturday morning to go with Thompson. I was going to go with Danny Webber but I did not know what Zac could do really, apart from kick somebody. I gave him a proper game to see what he could do. I thought he did well. He will learn. He allowed players to run off him at times but he is only young and he will learn. I thought the game did him some good. He couldn't finish the season on the sending off at Reading.

I thought it was important to have Mick Jones and Ronnie Jepson out looking at players on Saturday. I had five or six others out watching players because we want to do business as quickly as we can in the summer. It is all about being patient and striking whilst the iron is hot. We have targets and it changes all the time. I have to get players who want to put the shirt on and there is a certain type of player I will be looking to bring to Leeds.

You saw the fans at Cardiff. When I went over to them with the players, I told the players to throw them their shirts with it being the last game. They have been supportive of me and I like things like that. It makes me even more determined to give them something to shout about next season."

Speaking on the Cardiff City official site, Mackay said:

"We had a big chance in the second half to go two goals up through Andy Taylor, hitting as sweet a strike as I'll ever see. It resulted in a great save from an unsighted Lonergan to keep them in it and for me securing them a point at the end. They scored a good goal themselves also, though before that I couldn't have seen them scoring to be honest.

I thought it looked as if we had inventiveness and flair today, up to the 18yard box. Right up until the last pass we looked good value for a win today. We played as well today as we've played in a while, playing against a good and experienced manager who will be judging his players. I'm sure he's told them as much, including what he's expecting next season.

So they were playing for something and we were playing for something and it was always going to be a tough game. But we passed it well and we created chances. On another day we could have scored another two."