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Blackpool 1 - 0 Leeds United: Player Ratings

So the morning after another Leeds United defeat, an all too familiar feeling for the Whites fans this season.

By all means a 1-0 away defeat to Blackpool isn't the end of the world nor is it a surprise but it could have been much worse. Neither side can really defend, and Blackpool went pretty close with a few chances.

Ciaran who went to the game had this to say about the players performances:

"Everyone was pretty average. Lonergan made some good saves. Webber is allergic to hitting the target. Snodgrass worked hard. McCormack looked dangerous. Paynter was pretty ineffective, same goes for Becchio. O'Dea and Bromby looked in control in defence. Paul Robinson had a few dodgy moments and Lees was too hesitant."

That's Ciaran's view...what is yours? Comment and vote away!