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Chuffed for Paynter...but Let's Not get Carried away

Paynter playing for Brighton earlier in the season.
(Photo by Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images)
Paynter playing for Brighton earlier in the season. (Photo by Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images)
Getty Images

In the 22 games at Elland Road this season we've seen some incredible stuff.

It has, 95% of the time been incredibly poor from the men in white. Or Paul Rachubka who played in light blue once.

But today we had the opportunity to have a little chuckle and for the first time in a while smile. However the joy and praise seems to overshadow the problem we have at the club at the moment.

I'm absolutely delighted for Billy Paynter. I really am.

When he first signed I was expecting, well a lot more than we have seen of him during his tenure. Myself and those around me in the stands have longed for a goal from him in front of the Kop, and never got to celebrate until today.

Today was a weird feeling, elation I felt when the second went in. Yet we played a shocking Peterborough side in a game where we've once again got nothing to play for.

I don't want to sound all miserable and boring...I just think I'm being realistic.

I've got no clue about Paynter and in the future, after all it's only one game. To be fair he did play very well, plenty of winning headers, worked hard, scored two and even gave a young fan his shirt at HT. Top geezer!

In all fairness he also fits the bill as a 'Warnock type' player, big strong and route one like! Unlike Becchio he can do something with the ball at his feet, and we played some decent football today for the first time since the Southampton game.

Despite his improved performance I can still see his Leeds career ending this summer. I more than anyone would love to see Billy bang goals in for fun for the remainder of the season and next, but then again I think I'm just asking for too much.

I'm sick and tired of praying that random and nobody players will one day turn good. Nunez, Rogers, Varynen, Forssell and Paynter have all come and been found wanting.

A 4-1 victory was great to see but we can't take anything from that game. The fans weren't interested; more focused on their Racing Post apps telling them the National result...o and Ben Fry!

Overall I'm pleased Billy got to end his drought at Elland Road. I hope he remembers the moment fondly + his round of applause. I'm glad I witnessed the moment, but I guess that just shows how bad things have got for us Leeds fans at the moment.

It's one game for now so lets keep our feet on the ground. Our team still isn't good enough.

We're apparently chasing for promotion next season, and I'd love to know how many Leeds fans would realistically want BP leading the line.