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New Contract Offered to Robert Snodgrass

(Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images)
(Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images)
Getty Images

In the mix of all the doom and gloom that the 2011/2012 season has been for Leeds United fans we have some DECENT news...and I emphasise the word decent.

Well Robert Snodgrass has been offered a new deal at the club, which will in turn make him the highest paid player at the club. Now we're all smart enough to realise that this doesn't mean anything in terms of him staying, but at least it shows some intent from the club, Bates and of course Mr Warnock.

The Yorkshire Evening Post's Phil Hay broke the story via Twitter earlier this afternoon:

When speaking to the official site Warnock said:

"We've offered him a top contract that will make him the highest paid player at the club. I want him to be our captain next year and I've asked him to give us a year to get Leeds United into the Premier League and if we don't get there at the end of next season, I'll get him there myself because I'll help him and let him go.

It would be a massive step forward for Rob to nail his colours to the mast. I think he loves the club and has a lot of loyalty, and as captain I think he will support us in what we are trying to do."

Warnock also confirmed a contract will be offered to Aidy White shortly, as well as further talks with the representatives of Adam Clayton and Ross McCormack.

We will all now play the waiting game with regards to the contract, with the nagging question of will he or won't he hanging over our heads. In the past the club have wasted time with our starts, let their contracts either run down totally or to a year where they can speak to other clubs.

At least this time they've done something to keep our best player by a country mile at the club.

So Snoddy over to you, sign the contract PLEASE!