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Interview With An Away Fan: Peterborough United

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This Saturday will be two weeks until the end of the season....WOOO!

It's quite hard at the moment to get motivated and excited for the games, knowing we're going to watch lacklustre players perform very poorly. Hopefully we can stop the losing streak, which now stands at three games.

Our opponents the Posh are 17th in the table and I spoke to Conor King who seems rather happy with their season. After the jump are his thoughts ahead of the game.

17th in the table with 48 points and it looks 90% certain you're staying up. Happy with that or are you disappointed?

Definitely happy. I'd have been over the moon with 21st so to be 9 points clear at this stage of the season is brilliant. We're a tiny club at this level. We can't dish out 50k in wages to players like 99% of clubs here can (with exception of Portsmouth/Doncaster) so we have to be delighted with it. It's a bigger achievement than the 3 promotions, without doubt.

How are Mr Ferguson and the Chairman getting along? No more quarrels?

Better than ever. Both now know that the grass isn't greener on the other side so to speak, so both are just focussed on making us an established Championship side. Steady progress each year is needed now.

What's it like having a chairman who just tells you how it is? Obviously we get the opposite but your chairman tweets about signings, players must be a big advantage at times?

It's fantastic. He's always open with us, tells us exactly what is going on and will answer pretty much any question as best as he can. It gets him in to trouble every now and again due to his views on referee performances, but we wouldn't change him at all. Cracking guy. I'd hate to have one like Bates. (We hate it too).

Only one win in four games, are the players and club just looking to start again next season with a new bunch of players...or are you just getting no luck of late?

Tiredness really. We have a small squad so the players that are playing have featured in most games unless injured so it's a struggle. We don't have a reserve squad due to having a small playing squad so next season I think we'll add a few more bodies and probably have a reserve squad to see us through.

I believe George Boyd turned down a new contract a few weeks back. Is he leaving and just what will you miss?

Probably. To be fair to Boyd, he's been exceptional pretty much every game in his 5 and a half years here. No-one could ever begrudge him a move and good luck to him. He's the hardest working flair player you will ever find, doesn't shun any defensive duties. His moments of brilliance can change a game instantly and if you read our forums, you'd see Posh fans saying he's not been at his best this season, yet he still has 11 assists (5th highest in league) and 8 goals. If that's him off form, imagine him on it. He's fantastic. He will be sorely missed, but good luck to him. Boyd deserves a chance at a big club.

Boyd will join Paul Taylor on the transfer list as Peterborough sell the players who refuse to sign a new deal with one year remaining. Are you a fan of this policy?

I think for a club our size we have to be. We did the same with Craig Mackail-Smith. Of course we miss him as he is an excellent player, but do we keep him for an extra year and lose him for nothing or sell him for £3m and improve our squad a lot? It's common sense. A club our size can't afford to lose great players for nothing. If they won't sign a contract, we sell them on and replace them. I have no complaints with it.

You drew against Coventry and lost to Forest...two sides down at the bottom fighting. Is it fair to say your players struggled to get motivated against lower end clubs, and will no doubt raise their game tenfold to play us?

Not at all. Those two are fighting for their lives. Coventry are unbeaten in 7 and are determined to get out of that relegation zone. At this stage of the season, those on the brink of it tend to pick up results as they have to. It's a bit like Wycombe in League One too.

Who do Leeds fans need to watch out for on Saturday...anyone being in top form?

Not really anyone in form. Boyd & Taylor are always a threat so of course keep an eye on them, and Tyrone Barnett is expected to be fit and before his injury was certainly paying the hefty transfer fee we paid for him so him too. Zakuani & Alcock are rocks at the back defensively.

What can we expect from the travelling Peterborough fans, is there many travelling?

Doubt it. The ticket prices are ridiculous, along with Ipswich & West Ham. We took a lot to West Ham due to it being a new thing for us. We've been to Elland Road in L1 so I doubt too many will travel to be honest.

Any Leeds player who has impressed you this season?

Ross McCormack surprised me. Didn't think he had it in him to do what he's done this season. Snodgrass is impressive as always. Tom Lees has looked good when I’ve seen him too.

Prediction for the match? I honestly think we'll get beat...fourth defeat in a row?

It won't be 0-0, that's for sure. Think it's 129 competitive games since our last one now. Both have the ability to score goals whilst defensively being slack so could be a goal fest like at London Road (though I hope the result is difference). I'd be happy with a draw and no injuries as I know recently you've gone OTT on the tackles haha.