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Leeds United 0 - 2 Watford FC: Player Ratings

A truly abysmal performance to say the least. Literally nothing to shout about in a good way for the home side.

A match report will be up later, but for now it's your chance to vote your ratings for the Leeds squad used today. Yes we know the scores won't be very high and don't worry we agree.

Personally I thought Ramon Nunez did more than anyone in the game going forward, and he played about 20 tells the story doesn't it?

My ratings are as follows:

Andy Lonergan: 4

A little generous you could say considering his amateur distribution of a football. But he deserved a few more points due to a few saves that kept it at a respectable scoreline. Really does need to work on his kicking though and be more urgent.

Paul Connolly: 1

Appalling, got sent off and hopefully never see him in a Leeds shirt again.

Alex Bruce: 6

Somehow kept the ball out with his amazing backwards worm thing he did so deserved a ten for that. But he was part of a defence that played terrible again. Got stuck in, blood on his shirt (twice).

Paul Robinson: 3

Didn't go missing after his mistake and kept coming wide for the ball. Looked a little slow but it was all his fault for their first goal.

Michael Brown: 2

Put the odd tackle in - but my two main memories are him missing the ball on numerous occasions due to his old legs not working and going to kick it forward but the ball went backwards.

Adam Clayton: 2

Just looked lost in the middle, the ball evaded him mostly over his head which he couldn't really avoid with both teams playing route one. Looked nervous on the ball and had a good chance to shoot but passed instead to no avail.

Ross McCormack: 3

Never got going today but was a frustrating afternoon for the Scotsman. Leeds never played to suit him and might as well have sat on the bench. In fairness he never stopped running and showed a few crafty touches but for Christ sake Ross challenge a header!!!!

Robert Snodgrass: 3

Didn't look his usual self today but once again was marked out of the game. His passing was off and he was arguing more than normal with the rest of the team. Had a glorious chance to make it all square when he missed a point blank chance and any power or height on the shot would have seen the score change to 1-1.

Luciano Becchio: 4

Where has his rock hard image gone? People used to bounce off the Argentine and he was the tank up top. Now he can dive better than Tom Daley (ok sometimes he deserves free-kicks) but mostly he needs to man up. Booked for some petty dissent. One some key headers but lost around 200 also.

I'd also give Nunez a 6 just because he came onto the pitch and had a go. Got his head down attacked and showed purpose.

Anyway after the Jump below you can vote to your hearts content. Later on we'll have a man of the match poll and the results of your results, with most of the nominees wearing yellow and red today.

When does the 2012 season start again?